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WOW! That's awesome! I gotta try that...from behind a shield of course.
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make it a strong shield!
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Originally Posted by IntelligentDesigner
WOW! That's awesome! I gotta try that...from behind a shield of course.
Don't try it, especially if you are trying to intentionally get to them to explode. It is not a common thing for them to explode forcefully but I have seen police pictures of shards ripping through walls. Not a good idea with any shield!
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Putting a Rock in cold water, then letting it obtain the boiling point will not make a rock explode. At most it should start melting like lava.

If you put rocks in a fire on the other hand, it might be a little bit different.
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umm, most solid minerals do NOT boil at water's boiling temp of 100*C. Rocks don't start to "melt like lava" until they reach extreme temperatures sometimes upwards of +2000*C
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Some rocks will explode regardless of how fast or slow you boil them. It is an issue of the composition of the rock, how pourous it is and how fast it can relases the gasses from the water boiling inside of them. Water inside the rock will boil and it will build pressure and explode, period. I have seen them experimented with and it simply doesn't matter.

The rest of the water doesn't even have to boil because the rock touching the bottom of the pan can heat it faster than the water and the rock could explode anyway.

As the water INSIDE the rock boils it expands and if the gases can not escape fast enough then the rock explodes. Igneous, sedimentary, composite or whatever it doesn't matter. The only rocks that technically can't explode like this are any of them that are completely non-pourous.

It just simply make no sense to boil them when there are safer ways to do it. Pour boiling water over them, wash them in alcohol, and other ways to make them safe that doesn't put you in danger of bodily harm.
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Well from my experience, the rocks in my front yard are good to boil. So far i been 5 for 5 with no explosions.

But I have switched to drift wood.
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Why tempt fate? Heat will fracture a rock. The force of the fracture is cannot be estimated or foreseen. However, if it does happen to explode and injures you or a loved one, I wouldn't want the world to know of my stupidity, would you? Argument on the subject is asinine and pointless. It DOES happen and it WILL happen!! If you do it often enough, you will get bit.
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2 questions 1.would a pressure washer be ok to use and 2.are bricks ok to put in your tank if they pass the vinigar test
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I use a pressure washer, WITHOUT soap, and hydrogen peroxide. I also choose inert rocks such as granite, slate, marble. There are others but too many to list.
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