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Do I need to do anything better with my fish tank maintanence?

Specs: 20 gallon tetra fish tank. Whisper filter. 100 watt heater. Flourescent lights.

I don't see what i'm doing wrong but my second fish is about to die. I understand that the first month of having a tank running it's going through it's new tank syndrom but I feel like i'm doing everything right.

Few weeks ago: 2 Tiger barbs (Plan was to add 2 more the next week, then 2 more the next week to have a school). Every other day i'm doing a 25% water change (Just started doing that this week...I was doing the water change once a week the first 2 weeks.)

After the first week I felt that the ammonia was not low enough yet to add the next 2 fish so I held off. After a few days after that one of my tiger barbs started getting very pale, I wasn't sure what was wrong he was still eating twice a day but he was mostly staying behind the heater not moving everyday. He died after a few days, after he died I noticed my other tiger barb has ick. (This is where I start doing water changes every other day) I add in 2 ick removing tablets after the water change and repeat every 48 hours. My fish still has perfect color never got pale and I did overfeed him once on accident. Looks like his ick isn't bad anymore but still has some, but now he just sits behind the heater ever since I overfed him a couple days ago still has perfect color though.

He still eats every time I put food in right away, I don't know what's wrong. There looks like there might be some algea on the heater i'm getting a algea cleaner soon. The ammonia is almost all the way gone. I'm waiting for his ick to go away to add more fish but I don't know why he's so sick if he's still eating.

My water evaporates noticabley everyday. Not sure what's going on here, lights are to strong? They came with the tank.

Should I add in one of those little submarine things that are on the bottom of the tank and it gives the tank more air? Not sure when these are needed.

Anything I need to really add in to my fish tank maintanence or fix? Thanks.
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For the ick, did you raise the water temperature? The parasite isn't 'killable' when in the 'cyst' stage on the fish, only once it falls off. Raising the temp will speed up the ick's life cycle. Raise the temp to around, I think it's 80ish? Not completely sure. Don't treat until you notice there are no spots on the fish. Then you can treat. I don't use the ick killing tabs and such, I just use salt. 1 tbl spn per gallon, added slowly so as not to stress the fish. During treatment do frequent gravel vacs to clear the ick out of the gravel. Hope this helps!

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just keep doing 25 to 50% water changes dont add any more chemicals just water conditioner (prime) is a good brand your tank is still cycling and when the ammonia is gone the nitrites will start to appear treat nitrites like ammonia try to keep it low until completly gone good luck....

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