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Originally Posted by mjcolenc
I have my goldfish in a five gallon tank with a filter. It seems to be able to keep the tank cleaner.
I think I will get a filter then because I will enjoy my goldfish more if I can see him better :)
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I have a 10 gallon w/ goldfish in it. I have always ran filters it keeps it clean and a lot safer for the fish. I also think it helps with the lifespan of the fishes too.
For a bottom feeder ( is what you were asking right? ) Pleco's are great bottom feeders. But im assuming you will be having a small tank correct? If its small, like a 5 gallon or so, snails always work, like already said. I wouldnt reccomend a bowl for a goldfish though, because you wouldnt be able to really put a filter in a bowl. In this hobby always get the biggest tank you can afford. It helps in the long run

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10 Gallon Nano Reef:1 Chocolate Starfish, many snails...Work is in progress...err
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Originally Posted by flattrack23
In this hobby always get the biggest tank you can afford. It helps in the long run

Nick :D
lol i found that out lil to late when i first got my tank
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you could always get a snail
I wouldn't get snails lest you know what will happened. Goldfish eating a lot also gives the snails a chance to explode their population.
This situation worsens as snails are rather hard to remove.
If I were you, stick with Malayan Trumpet Snails.
Avoid the ramshorn and common pond snails. Apple snails are also a good choice.

Malayan Trumpet Snails can eat detritus and dig in the substrate so this also prevents anaerobic spots if you are using sand.

Would a goldfish live longer if there is a filter in his tank or bowl?
For a fishbowl, only bettas are the good choice.

My advice on feeding is feed sparingly and vacuum the leftovers. Make sure they consume the food in 5 minutes. Vary the food menu as the fish gets different nutrients at that. Don't feed them on only one food. It's very useless as they never get to receive different nutrients.
What's more is that aritifical foods tend to have less vitamins in it. You might try the mosquito larva, daphnia, bloodworms and krills.
I'd go with frozen rather than live ones to reduce the chances of introducing pathogens.
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u need to put a filter for those buggers. there big poopers
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Yes, filter is needed. But you need to also add partial water changes.
10-15% water changes daily or every other day is never too bad.
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dont ghost shrimp eat poop ???
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I have never come across anything that actually eats poop, correct me if I'm wrong.
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In freshwater I would have to agree with you, till I see it, But saltwater there is sort of.
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I find with gold fish an under gravel filter is adequate. Use one of those syphon gravel cleaners during water changes to collect the muck.

My four gold fish will clog up any other filters within a week.

Also, use a good food. Nasty pond sticks and flake food can cloud the water in a day. I like using frozen shrimp, blood worm, daphnia, etc.

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