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I have Black Fin Tetra, Harlequin Rasbora, and Emerald Catfish in my 29g. The water is decently stained with Tannin from the large malaysian wood I have (clears a bit after water change but comes out pretty red/brown at the end of the week (although slowly clearing up as I assume the Tannin's fully leach from the wood). Anyways, yes, tetra's and Cory's IMO love the murky, still, shaded water. Again, you should be fine. Didn't mean to scare you with the "wow" it will clear pretty quick once you get the filter on there and shouldn't pose any harm to your fish so it's mostly just cosmetic to you. I wouldn't pull it out and re-rinse it at this point. As byron posted it very well could be a bacterial bloom. Just do a few large water changes, let the temp stabilize and move it all over :) You'll probably want to rinse your filter pad/cartridge/floss/whatever pretty regularly as it dissipates though.

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Originally Posted by djrodan View Post
Realistically, these fish swim through clouds of dust in the natural environment, correct? (tetras and corys).

I'm almost tempted to take the sand out and re-rinse it....
I did that when i set up my 33g.

Something else that works: once you have the sand rinsed as much as you intend (now, or if you take it out, whichever), arrange any hardscape (rock, wood) and plant any major rooted plants with about 6-7 inches of water; then drain that out completely and carefully refill. Run the hose into a large saucedish or something.

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We ended up taking ALL of the sand out, syphoning out the last of the dust and water from the bottom of the tank, and hand rinsing small amounts of the sand in the tub. Boy, what a process. After we got the filter on the new tank, it cleared up almost within the hour. The fish are loving it, the corys LOVE the sand.

I uploaded a pic of the prototype setup. The large rocks are from the old tank, and will be leaving when re-established. We got a crazy deal on the massive piece of driftwood. We're going for an amazonian biotope. The play-sand was a little lighter in color than we thought. Looking into getting a nice centerpiece, like some rams or angels, but we have neons so most likely rams.

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Very nice setup! i'm glad you got the sand issue and cloudiness issue fixed! awesome job!
now the next step is to get some black paper to cover up the back of the tank so your colors will pop more!

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iv got a aquarist book from the 70's, the cover ripped off and all so i have no idea what its actually called, but i was reading and it said oxygening a tank can help cloudyness. might wanna try runnign some air through?
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It looks nice. Love the black tank against your red wall. Didn't I tell you washing sand was a lot of work LOL. Sounds like what you did sped up the process of waiting for the fine particles to settle.

Enjoy it!


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