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Originally Posted by Squidword
Alexis, thanks.

So, it's not looking good for my current fish Do you guys suggest I do another fish change once I downsize on fish? When I had the crayfish, crab 2 little platies and 3 ittybitty bloodfin tetras my tank looked so bare. Like the way the tiger barbs livened up the place. However was told by petstore that I could only get hardy fish hence the bloodfin and platies.Julia
Your tank may look bare, but remember, with proper care, most fish grow FAST. Plants, driftwood, and cave areas really help as well.
There woul really be nothing wrong with a nice school of tetras and some more platies and maybe a reverse trio of guppies...just one of MANY possibilities. As long as you follow some version of that "rule of thumb" I gave you, you'll be fine.

Fish have taken over my house. I threw away my couch to make room for another 125 gallon.
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Originally Posted by Squidword
Alexis, thank you so much. Really, (think we were posting at the same time). I am going to have to really think about this. Just a quick question. Let's say I keep the tetra's, I would have to wait 2 months before adding more? If my tetras are still alive, I would have to work around them, right? I am going to search this site. I appreciate your info and feedback! Really helps. I have no idea what kind of plecos I have (your plecos are huge!). One is a lot smaller and lighter then the other. Maybe I can get a picture on here...

You should get a liquid master test kit, then the test kit will tell you when you are fully cycled. Then you can slowly add fish. Using the rule of thumb of course.
Ammonia 0
NitrITE 0
Nitrates some readable level.

And my plecos aren't huge, just normal. :D

Fish have taken over my house. I threw away my couch to make room for another 125 gallon.
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My LFS does the same things.

I did want to add something about cycling and adding fish. There are a couple things you could have done that would have added some stability to the tank with early adding of a heavy bioload. The first and easiest is to add lots of plants right off the bat. The plants will use the ammonia and decrease the amount you will ever see in a new or even established tank. The second could have been a heavy seeded fishless cycle. This is not a tactic for the beginner though. I have seen some that seed the tank with 1 medium peeled prawn per 10 gallons and on top of that they add 1-2tbsp of ammonia each day. The tanks thya do this to are 55 or larger and ones that they intend on adding fish like arrowana, large oscars and large angels. It builds a massive amount of beneficial bacteria to support such a large fish.

I do think that you ight have added fish a little early but I don't know how you seeded the tank or cycled it. I hope thishelps for your next tank and remeber that the best way to get a tank going quickly is to use old filter media from an established, 6 month old at least , tank and use as much as you can including gravel, filter material, ornaments and plants. This doesn't remove the needs to let the tank cycle but it can speed it up significantly.

Now for the fish you have, get some fast growing plants like anacharis/elodea, hornwort, Wisteria, duckweed or any plant to get the tank balanced a little better. It will help the fish to be happier and get rid of the excess ammonia until the tnak is completely cycled and well established. I would keep the plants even after the cycle is complete though.

Oh and my HOB on plecos. If youoverfeed them they are very messy. When I don't overfeed mine they don't make much of a mess at all. That ebing said, it is really hard not to overfeed them becausethey will eat as fast as they can poop at times but they need the vegetable matter to be happy. A good cleanup crew that likes vegetive matter is a good choice if you have any pleco.
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Fish 4 All, great advice and tips! I wrote down the plants that you recommended. Thanks again for the reply!
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Also, some of your fish are might snack on some plants. I didn't realize this until now but you might want to stick with wider leaf plants and skip the anacharis and hornwort or the fish could make a huge mess out of them.

Wisteria should still work as well as anubias, crypts, and others but right now I would still get some anacharis until your tank is better balanced and your cycle has completed.
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The inch per fish per gallon is only good for clean water conditions not for good fish conditions. Moreover, if you have teritorial fish this wont work. But your fish dont have teritorial problems (maybe the tiger barbs). Also when considering top, mid, or bottom fish make sure aggression and speed are consistant ie a molly wont mix well with a tiger especially in a smaller tank. a 29 gal is also sometimes confusing because it is basically the same as a 20 long as far as your fish are conserned. Your plecos may be small but here is an example i bought a 2 inch pleco and in less than a year he grew to 11 inches (55 gal) If they are common florida plecos that is, a bristlenose and a few others will grow alot slower.

for a beginner:
danios or barbs make a good start for yeah month or two. (say 3 tops 5)
if desire algae go with a chinese green algae eater
bottom cory cats (like to school as well and many kinds Rare but cool are orange stripped)
a couple striata locahes or other small would work too (not clown or large though)
then pick 2 cool ones you really like groumies or what ever.
just an opinon to help though.

Personally i would go with a colony of cichlid shell dwellers 2 male to 3 female. a couple cory cats and maybe a group of barbs.

Hope it goes well for you. :)
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jlynch76, thank you. I have to show dh your list. I like the set up you have provided. Interesting that a 29 gallon is like a 20 long.

Thanks again!
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