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Definitely the way to cycle! Done in 10 days!!

So our new 29 gallon is all cycled! It's only been 10 days but we had an ammonia spike a while ago and a nitrite spike and now both are at 0. We used filter media from our 125 gallon tank, hung 2 things of gravel from our other tank in pantyhose and added Stability every day. So the neon tetras and ghost shrimp are in; we'll add some others later this weekend and wait a little bit longer to add the rams because I've read they need really good water quality.
It took our 125 gallon about a month to cycle so using stuff from our old tank cut that to a third.
On a side note we were thinking of adding some hornwort (or any other floating live plant) to the 29 gallon to give them some cover. I've never dealt with live plants before so any suggestions on floating plants would be appreciated. Thanks!

125 gallon tank:
2 Tiger oscars, 1 Electric blue jack dempsey, 1 Jack dempsey, 2 Bala sharks, 1 Firemouth, 1 Salvini, 1 Texas cichlid, 1 Pleco; All juveniles

29 gallon (in the works):
1 Blue ram, 1 Cockatoo cichlid, 1 Powder blue dwarf gourami, 1 Bolivian Ram, 8 Neon tetras, 4 Corydoras, 2 Bamboo shrimp, some ghost shrimp
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I too have had tanks that were ready for fish in as little as a week with use of seed material from existing tanks.
Have also witnessed ammonia and nitrite spikes when I attempted to add too many fish ,To a newly established tank. I might,, were it me, (and it ain't) add the fish slowly ,two or three a week ,to avoid the possibilty.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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