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decreasing filtration

I recently lost a 10" common pleco from my 110g for reasons im not 100% on. Either way, she is testing out ok now, I suspect the poor guy got damaged when he was young, he was stressed by a bully flowerhorn cichlid :( Anyway, The tank is filtered by an eheim ecco 2236 (180ish gph) and 2 330 GPH tetra whisper double HOBs. It is occupied by 2 red shoulder severums ( 6 or 7") and a gold severum thats a little bit bigger by a smidge, an african jewel cichlid thats 5", and an algae eater (the ones that stay small, not the big semi agressive ones).

I know the severums can be slobs, but do yalls think it would be worth while to shut down one of the double HOBs? I would like to reduce the water movement, but not if yalls think it would cause a problem.

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Try it and see what happens. Just watch your water parameters for a few days afterwards to make sure the loss of that filter and media don't cause a mini-cycle. I doubt that it would, but better safe than sorry. Keep the media from the filter you shut down wet just incase you find you still need it, that way the bacteria on it stays alive for you.
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well, I know that mega filtration doesnt solve everyones woes, but I shut the filter off for probably a week. The amount of gunk floating around the tank is just bleh. I might try it again when I get some live plants in the 110, but for now its just gross in there with only 2 filters.

The little food chunks that the severums leave behind when they gobble something up just settle into the nooks and crannys and got moldy

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