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But you bought those cherry barbs awful fast!!
Heh, touché. I will go to my corner and think about what I've done.

They were on my "potential buys" list already, meaning I'd researched them and their required parameters and such matched my tank, which is why I felt reasonably comfortable about pulling the trigger there and then. I also did a quick internet lookup on my phone while at the shop, although that's something I should do on my own time at home in peace and quiet, I admit.

In my rage, I left many nasty internet reviews of that shop where I bought the Serpaes, and as I've cooled down I wonder if I gave them a fair review... but I think I can let those reviews stand - in the end, the woman on the phone really was extremely rude and unhelpful. Even if the policy is "no returns", she could at least TRIED to offer help instead of making me feel like a complete fool.

Anyway, after such a stressful few days, in the end I feel way more prepared with dealing with such situations in the future.
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And I think LFSs are hesitant to refuse for fear of how much undeserved damage can be done to them via internet ratings and such.
I'll comment on this too: yes that's precisely where it can be taken to ridiculous extremes. At each end somebody is leaving themselves open to be exploited - if there is absolutely no returns, never ever, that means unscrupulous sales people can sweet talk people into sales that are not in the best interests of the customer or the fish, with no immediate consequences (I suppose later, as the negative reviews start piling in, they WILL at some point be faced with the consequences...). If every return must be accepted by the LFS, it leads to lazy irresponsible behaviour of customers who can essentially dump the entire blame on the LFS when things don't work out.

I think this, like most other things in life, is not black-and-white and in an ideal world, everybody would look at every situation on a case-by-case basis, where an open dialogue between aquarist and fish dealer exists, and people can try to be reasonable to one another... But then again, I'm talking about things here that can create world peace, and so maybe this is an unreasonable pipedream.
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