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I added ammonia today. It reads a bit higher than i would like but will check it again tomorrow and go from there. would anyone recommend a partial water change if it stays over 4ppm?
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Oh darn I was too late with that I guess. How high is it? You don't want it too high (I say not above 6ppm, but opinions vary, I'm sure... I believe 8ppm is when it starts messing with the cycle, but I like to be safe). Water changes will bring it back down to a nice level. If it's at like, 5ppm, I wouldn't worry though.

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thanks. Ill check it tomorrow. It was between 4-6 ppm. I even put in less ammonia than what there math says just trying to be cautious.
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I completely respect if you want to do a fishless cycle with pure ammonia but I mentioned earlier that if you add just a few more plants you don't have to cycle. You could add fish immediately. I think it sure beats the heck out of constantly testing water for ammonia to go up and down everyday.
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Would agree that plant's and lot's of em, would allow for a few small fish and perhap's would wait a week to ten day's between new addition's of fish.
Pennywort,water sprite,anacharis,crypt's,anubia,vallisneria would help but these plant's need time to acclimate from emmersed growth, to submerged growth and often times,,,the plant's shed a fair amount of old leaves before developing their submerged growth.
So if one were to add too many fish at this time,,the size and number's of fish could produce more waste than plant's can readily utilize.Other's have no problem's moving plant's from established tank's to other' tanks and little to no leaf die off for the plant's are already thriving in submerged condition's and barring any sudden change in water parameter's,, they resume growth in new tank's fairly quickly.(assuming need's are met)
Too often (in my view), what some folk's consider heavily planted ,or moderately planted is not enough for their initial stocking,( too many fish too soon) and failure to produce what plant's need for growth,,makes a right mess of a newly established tank (algae,dying plant's,dying fish).
If planted tank interested me ,,I would strive to get the tank planted as heavily as I could with the plant's mentioned above(can remove some later ) and refrain from moving them about untill good growth was noted.
Will need proper lighting,,suitable substrate,and consideration of nutrient's and how you wish to supply them.
Get the plant's growing well,and then consider fishes.(Just my opinion)
Not hard to have a planted tank, but some research on planted aquarium's will go a long way towards their survival, and thus benefit to the fishes.
Byron,, a member here,,has written extensively, and helped many (myself included), to create condition's for plant's to thrive and would be a source of info that would serve you ,or whoever,well.
I would seek him out or P.M. him for info on plant's and easy care of same.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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So I just did a 25% water change and my ammonia is at 5ppm. Do I just check it every day? When will I know what my next step is.? I would assume ( from all of the articals I have read) that I will see the ammonia level go down when nitrite developes?
Thanks again who everyone who has given me their help and advise.
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