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Hm, it depends. As for the killifish, I would love a pair of Pseudepiplatys annulatus. However, without excellent connections, they seem to be extremely hard to get. I am also considering Nothobranchius rachovii, which are quite tolerant in terms of temperature and water hardness/pH. Ultimately, I will probably take what adapts well, is healthy, and available.

If I take any catfish, I'll go for otos. Can't go wrong with them, I figure. Cories would probably take too much space on the ground level, which is reserved for the shrimp.

Six otos, 2-3 killies, and a gang of shrimp...this should be it. I don't want the tank too crowded. Though I might surrender to my neverending love affair with fancy guppies sooner or later...;)
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Day 7: Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrite 3ppm

Adding 3ml ammonium hydroxide.
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Day 7, evening: After going up to around 4, ten hours later ammonia has gone back to 0. Adding another 3ml.

Nitrite: almost 5ppm.

I saw today that my LFS has clown killies. This waiting game is getting harder.
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Clown killies? Awesome! My LFS never has any killies other than golden wonders. I really like the clowns though. Maybe someday I'll put some in a 10g.

4 8 15 16 23 42
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Get back to me in two months. :D

Update: The nitrite seems to have started going down. Though I cheated, using SuperBac and doing a 80% water change.
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Huh, my LFS always has clown killifish in stock, so there's definitely some commercial breeders out there. Also, they're awesome cuz they're so small and are coldwater. You can keep them in a vase or something for the short term as long as you're good about water changes.

Keep in mind that the Nothobranchius rachovii like some salt in their water.

Have you decided on some/gotten any of the fish yet?
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Yes, I'll go for 6 otos and two pairs of Aphyosemion striatum and two or three pairs of Dario dario.

The clown killies go into a 5.5 cherry shrimp tank with 100% floating plant cover. They will be happier there.

Update: The nitrite has crashed from 5ppm to .25ppm over night. :D The cycle should be complete very soon now.
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