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Cycling Questions: Using Dr.Tim's aquatic ammonia, biozyme and seeding etc.

Hi all,

I am attempting to set up a 36 gallon tank. The tank has been running for about three weeks. I tried using fish food to get some ammonia in my tank. I also placed a filter, bio filter (in new filter) and two panty hose with aquarium gravel from my old 10 gallon aquarium floating in the 36 gallon. My ammonia levels have read .25 since I started, no change. The nitrites have read 0 since I got the test kit, probably a week ago.

This week, I got Dr.Tim's ammonia fishless tank cycling product and put in yesterday, in addition I added Biozyme to boost the bacteria. It has been about 24 hours, and my ammonia is still .25 after adding the Dr.Tim's and my nitrites are 0 and nitrate is 0. What is going on here? Do I have any bacteria at all? Do I need to add more ammonia and continue to add the biozyme for 7 days as the packaging suggests? Just not sure what if anything is happening in this tank, is the seeding material from the other tank doing anything? I have read not to add too much ammonia, and that the ammonia might now show up on the tests, however I feel the Nitrites should be doing something.

I have a Aqueon 50 filter running, I am using the API Master freshwater test kit to check the water. Any help would be wonderful...just at a loss as to what to do. Thank you in advance.

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Hi there. When doing a fishLESS cycle on a 36g tank you need to have your ammonia reading 4-5ppm. You can do that with LOTS & LOTS of food, a raw shrimp or pure 100% ammonia. The BB must be fed whether you are starting from scratch or using one of the starters. If you use food or shrimp put it in a cut out foot of a pantyhose or some other fine mesh bag, less mess & easy to remove. I would suggest testing your tap water to see what your starting parameters for ammonia, nitrites & nitrates are. Test your water daily or every other day, if the ammonia drops to 1 bump it back up. If you have sky rocket readings for nitrites or nitrates for more than a week do a water change, if you Ph drops to below 6.5 do a water change. Hope this helps.
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alharvey (06-19-2014)
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I'm new to aquaria and was becoming disappointed with my testing readings. I'm using the straight ammonia method, no plants or fish yet. But today I finally got an .25 ppm reading on my nitrates. YEAH! I know I'm going to have to learn patience with this hobby. This is to say and give you encouragement to hang in there, you'll get the results you're looking for
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Shouldn't I see some nitrites by now though?
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Your ammonia level is not high enough, IMO, if you are doing a fish LESS cycle. There is no rock solid schedule with cycling a tank. I had one tank show nitrItes in 4 wks, another in 6 wks and yet another in 2 wks.
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alharvey (06-20-2014)
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Thank you so much for your answers! I guess it's just a waiting game now. Thanks!Posted via Mobile Device
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Yup. Tick... tick... tick.... tick....

Took me almost two months to cycle a smaller tank without pure ammonia. You should be well under that with adding it.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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Should I be adding ammonia everyday? It only has ever shown .25-.50 ppm. Even after I follow the directions about how much to add. (Directions say 1 drop Per gallon will equal 2.0 ppm) my tests have never shown it. Thanks you again for the replies! It's frustrating when it seems like nothing is happening and then I don't know if I am doing enough to make anything happen to begin with, and wondering if I'm wasting time since I can't seem to get things rolling. Sorry for the vent!
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What % of ammonia are you using? When cycling a tank with pure ammonia it is recommended to get the ammonia to 5ppm, let it sit until it drops to 1 then up it back to 5, once it starts dropping to 1 or less within 24 hrs you should be seeing nitrites and possible nitrates, when the ammonia & nitrites zero out within 24 hrs your tank should be cycled. If what you are doing is not getting the ammonia above .25 then you need more ammonia or a different ammonia source.
Here is an example of an online calculator for the amount you would need to get your tank to 5ppm.
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alharvey (06-20-2014)
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Ammonia strength varies by brand (and, somewhat, by age). I found Dr. Tim's ammonia to be about half the strength of Ace Hardware Janitorial Ammonia.

Dose as much as needed based on your ammonia test reading (not every day).....then wait and follow Shellie's excellent suggestions. Also (for fishless):
---Run you filter on high
---Aerate with airstone or lots of splash
---Temperature >82*
---Keep it dark
---Make sure your seeded media is in the flow,
in the filter is best


By the way, I'm surprised anyone saw your posts over here. I just caught it by accident. Shellie, can you figure how to get Kwatches and Alharvey into the Bettafish top-section or TFK? I'm lost over here (hope I can find my way out).

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