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Cycling advice

following posting in in the introductions sections it was advised that I should do a fishless cycle. Which I started on Tuesday 11th. I am using fish food flakes to feed the cycle. The tank is a 60 litre tank planted for just over a week now.
Water temp is a stable 25 C.

I have done 2 water tests with API freshwater master kit. Results are as follows

PH. 7.6. High level test. 7.4.
Ammonia. 0- 0.25ppm
Nitrite. 0 ppm
Nitrate 0 ppm

PH 7.6. Did not do the high level teat as was same as last test.
Ammonia. 0.5 ppm
Nitrite. 0ppm
Nitrate. 0ppm.

I have not done any cleaning or water changes and all the flake food is breaking down on the sand and looking a little furry.

Guess my question is should I still keep adding the food. And wait for the levels to rise before doing a a partial water change.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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you can,just don't do anything to the filter.
you may find not much change because you have live plants.
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Will do a partial water change to lower the ammonia level. And look at stocking it for the first time then.
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Ian, do you understand that your tank is nowhere near cycled. What you're planning is to discontinue fishless cycling, clean the tank and start a fish-in cycle.

That's perfectly fine as long as you're aware of the procedures and cautions involved in fish-in cycling. Please say yes so I can keep this short.

You would do well to have Prime water conditioner, or some iother one that detoxifies ammonia.

Change half your water when ammonia or nitrite rises above 0.50ppm or every week, whichever comes first, using Prime @ 2-drops/gal and 1-drop/gal daily until cycled. That's for light stocking.

If yuo want to stock schoals or even your entire tank, you can use Tetra Safestart or other reputable live-bacteria product. PM me for recommendations.
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No want to stay fishless cycling. Sent you a pm Hally
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Comparing your two sets of test results, it looks like cycle is starting. First step is to produce or suppy ammonia. Then the ammonia is pprocessed by bacteria into nitrite. Both ammonia and nitrite are very toxic to fish, but they are also eliminated by a healthy tank with mature bacteria colonies.
After nitrite is produced the tank can become colonized by another type of bacteria that processes nitrite into nitrAte. Nitrate is much less toxic to fish, but it cannot be eliminated by bacteria- you must remove it by changing out old water for fresh water. I change 25% per week but others have different procedures regarding amount and frequency. Plants will use some nitrate, but unless you have tons of plants and only a few small fish, you will have to change water to keep nitrate from accumulating.

When your tank is mature you should look for 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 0-40 nitrate. I try to keep my nitrate under 20, but I might be a little over cautious.

Just a little info in case you're not sure about nitrogen/ bacteria cycle.
Good luck!
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Oh yeah...
And thanks for choosing a fishless cycle. I don't like putting live fish through the stress of unstable conditions. Not just the fish either. If you do fish in cycle, you have to change water quite often unless you don't care if the fish dies. Fishless cycle might take a little longer but its easier and doesn't kill or harm any live animals. The results are identicle.
Best wishes for a beautiful and healthy aquarium!

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Thanks that was very helpful. I am using fish flakes to feed the process
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That's what I do to cycle my tanks. Two flakes per day till ammonia and nitrite read 0 and nitrate is being produced. Usualy takes me about 2-3 weeks, but I have waited 6 weeks for a full cycle. Then add fish slowly and feed only a little till bacteria build up.

There is another method using cleaning ammonia that let's you fully stock your tank immediatly, but I've never done it so I can't really speak on that.

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Been adding a small pinch as guy in lfs suggested it will cut it back
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