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Cool Cycling 20 gallon tank with 8 Serpae Tetras (79 Degrees)

Im just wondering if things are going well and if my tank is overstocked or not.
Marine-Land filter with BIO-Wheel for up to 50 gallon.
PH- 6.9
Low Alk

I've been Cycling for almost 3 weeks this is my 3rd weed. The first week I had 4 goldfish during that first week i added 6 Serpae Tetras and got rid of the goldfish. A couple of days later I added 2 more Serpae Tetras. Now during the second week I noticed Ammonia levels staying at 0 and Nitrites staying pretty high at 2.0 ~ pmm it would get down to 1.5 ~ ppm when I would clean it for the most part it stays high. It's the 3rd week and nitrite is slowly rising Nitrate is pretty low but also rising. Does this sound right?

I feed them high quality flake food usually, Twice a day. Sometimes I throw in some Micro wafers or bloodworms instead of flake.
I do a 20-30% water change every 3 days.

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Your cycle looks like it's going good. In the future you should look into doing a fishless cycle, that way no fish are getting poisoned from the cyling process.

With 8 Serpae tetra I would say you're pretty much stocked. They can be fin nippers so I wouldn't want to put anything else.
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I have a 20g tall with Serpae Tetra also, that's all you'll be able to do since yes, they are nippers.

You could maybe add cory's, maybe 4 but they do like higher numbers. I have 6 tetras and 4 corys in mine with lots of plants. Don't add them though until the cycle is complete.
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are they biting the corys?
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No, substrate fish are usually left alone. The tetras completely ignore them in my tank.
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