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cycleing tank but not getting ammonia reading help.

My tank is about 135 liters (36 gallon), I wish to have a concentration of .5ppm ammonia. I am checking to see if the tank is cycled.

I eather made a misscalculation or somthing else is wrong. my math is at the bottom. but I figure I need just over a half of a ml. of household ammonia ( I am told is a 10% solution) to get .5ppm

so I added just over a half of a ml. of ammonia, used my API liguid drop test kit, and it reads just bairly green between 0 and .25 ppm

I figure well maybe the concentration is not 10% ammonia, maybe its 5%. so I add another half ml. and do the test again. still same exact color, I am holding the tubes side by side.

heck Ill add another ml. and test again, still the same color.

so I have one tube left and I fill it with ammonia straight from the bottle. and do the test. It is greener, still less than 2ppm.

so what is wrong here, I figure it has got to 1) me, it could happen. 2)my API liquid test kit is bad, its about 6 months old. and one time while I was moving it was left in the truck overnight and it may have froze. 3) maybe the ammonia is bad, I remember buying it about 2 months ago, I used it once it should still be good, I dont see how it could have become contaminated, and it still smells fresh.

I am not going to add anymore I probably added too much already, but I will need to know when the tank is cycled and as of now I dont have a good test. maybe I'll buy another test kit

I eather made a misscalculation or somthing else is wrong. here is my math.

135 l. = 135,000 ml. = 135,000,000 mg.

135,000,000 mg / 1,000,000 = 135

so 135 mg. makes 1ppm

135mg. /2 = 67.5mg.

67.5mg = .0675ml.

now if we were adding pure ammonia we would add .0675 ml. but sence we are using a 10% solution (I am told household ammonia is about 10%) we need 10X that amount =.675ml
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well I did some experamenting and according to my tests with the api test kit, and the help of the ppm calculator my ammonia is reading at about 1 to 1.5 %. 10mg per liter. do they make that solution and sell it at the store? honestly dont you think they should just say the concentration on the bottle.

according to wikipedia household ammonia is 10%
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