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Get a large bucket to fill with water, iv got a 25 gallon bucket I got from Lowes that works perfectly and has 2 strong handles on it so I can lift it. But depending on how much you can lift you may want to get something to put under the bucket so it will roll, a skateboard would work well or one of those things you lay on when doing under car maintenance. Also your going to want to find a hose that says it doesn’t have harmful chemicals in it, a better idea than a hose may be a long piece of flexible pvc tubing (the kind that is used to make gravel vacuums). depending on what fish you plan on keeping you may want to have a layer of peat moss below your gravel or sand because this will lower your ph. its also good for planted aquariums

its a half a inch of water and you think your gunna drown
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haha well thanks for the info, the high ph is just fine and actualyl where i need it, if you click my aquariums you can see i keep africans which prefer a higher ph and hard water. the hose isnt a issue and there is no way im going to carry water. will it directly hurt the fish if its not temp?
ALso how much water should i change now, and how often? whats a good root/leaf fert with iron??? Money
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YOu can find a python online to hook strait up to your sink. Then you would be able to get your temp around what you have in your tank. Yes your suden change in temp can stress the fish. The python is used to suck the water out and fill the water up by useing your sink. I use a syphon in my tank and fill 5 gallon bucket. Empty them then fill them up with tub water. Then put back in the tank.
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Originally Posted by MoneyMitch View Post
ok sao i went and got a giant amazon sword plant and threw it in, i also bought some stuff called cycle to use and i went and got some tap water conditioner for the water change. on my tap water its no nirate, nitrite ammonia or any of that just crazy gh kh and ph of course (hard water).

second question, i use a hose to fill up my tank from outside, is it ok for the fish? i mean its not at temp or conditioned i just plan on adding conditioner after i fill it up and let the waters temp even out without "preheating" it. sry for rambleing money
I agree with others as to water change to keep ammonia levels from becoming dangerous. I always tried to not let them get higher than .50 between changes with .25 for smaller more sensitive fish. I have used a garden hose when first filling my tanks but I also use PRIME water conditioner that addresses heavy metals along with ammonia,chlorine,chloramines,and nitrites.
Water added to the aquarium should always be as warm ,or slightly warmer, than the water in the aquarium. Sudden changes in temperature are stressful for fish and can and do cause problems. When fish become stressed, they're immune sytem, which allows them to fight off many bacterial pathogens and or parasites becomes weakened. The fish are then much more suceptible to disease.
I regret I am unable to help in regards to the product you mentioned for I have not used it.
I am assuming you are using the outside water because water from inside is possibly going through a water softner? If not, I would fill my buckets from the tub inside taking care to use conditioner such as PRIME on the new water BEFORE pouring the new water into the aquarium. Would also be easy to make water temp more suitable for the fish.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.

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I tried cycle in my new tank, but I think I used it wrong. I used it during a fishless cycle so I don't know/think it did anything. I ended up using filter floss and stuff from my established 20g and that did wonders! I also had several plants in the tank and I think the combo of both helped the tank cycle faster than any shelf product. If you have access to any type of established media that will be your best bet otherwise you'll need to keep a very close eye on water parameters and be ready for a pwc at the drop of a hat.

BTW, the instructions on the bottle aren't really "helpful" from what I remember. It just says dump this much in per gallon . And, it's not cheap!
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ok guys well today ill do a pwc and ill keep everyone updated as this process comes along. Money
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ok so i havent dpne the PWC yet, i just tested the water and here are the results

ammonia .25
nitrite 2.0
nitrate between 10 and 20

the ammonia went down without me doing anything all i did was add a new amazon sword lastnight. still need to know when do i add this cycle stuff? and will the carbon in my filter mess with this chem? another thing are my N levels too high? i dont really wanna do a water change too early so i dont upset the cycle starting. Money
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A water chang is part of the cycle. In the wild the waters are alway moving and changeing. I wouldnt add the cycle stuff. Just do a water change and you will c results. The water change wont mess up the cycle it will help it. yes the n lev are to high.

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You need to go ahead and put in the Cycle, your carbon will not affect it and you can still do a PWC and it will not effect the cycle because most of the good bacteria you are trying to get grow in the filter and rocks. It is much more important to keep your Amm, Nitrite and Nitrates in check so as not to harm your fish. Just take out the water and do not disturb the gravel and everything will still cycle like it should.

Kindest Regards,

Keeping fish its not a hobby it is a passion!

I have a 55 gallon, 40 gallon, 29 gallon, 20 gallon tank, 5 gallon , and a 2.5 gallon all with real plants.
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ok guys ill do it im gounna do a pwc add conditioner and then add the cycle stuff tomm i will post some more water params. Money
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