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Currents and Aeration

I've been searching on the forums but can't find anything real specific about something that I've been wondering about. Being new to the hobby I unfortunately started a 55 gallon tank without cycling and now have one Blue Gourami and Common Pleco in while it cycles. On to my questions though:

Is it bad to have t0o strong of a current in the tank? I checked the profile for the Gourami but didn't find anything about the current that it prefers. The reason I ask is because we have bubble wands that are ~12" on each side of the tank. The Gourami swims against the current towards the top a lot of the time. I've heard that it's good to have as much aeration as possible in the tank and between the two wands and the waterfall filter there should be plenty. But should I consider removing one of the wands in the tank so that there aren't two opposing currents? Does it cause any undue stress on the fish?

Thanks for the help if you have answers. I've been using the forums the last few days and it has been really beneficial in trying to cycle my tank and keeping my poor fish alive until everything is at the normal levels.
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I apologize I just reread the fish profile and saw that Gourami's do best in calmer waters. In that case, what would be something that I could add to the second port on my air pump? Is it okay to just use one of the ports?
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I'd suggest a baffle for your waterfall filter return (there are simple instructions in this forum for making a simple one from a water bottle).
Then cut back to one bubble wand and/or use a gang valve to throttle the air volume down.

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