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Originally Posted by iamntbatman
Keep in mind that much of the literature indicates that killies do better at lower temps (i.e. room temperature), while the ram especially needs higher temps. I keep both species together at 78-79. My ram isn't showing a whole ton of color yet but it's still really small, and the killies are absolutely gorgeous and very active. Personally, I think that breeders just keep their killies at lower temps to a) save on operational costs, b) lower the metabolism of the fish (thus prolonging their lives) and c) allowing them the option of raising the temperature to induce breeding. Just a theory of mine, though. People have been keeping killies at lower temperatures for years so I could be totally wrong.
Those are my two cents on the cooler temperatures you'll often find listed for many types of killifish. I've only done research on the golden wonder killifish in particular, but I imagine this could be true of other killies as well. Plus, the temperature range listed for golden wonders is usually something like 72-76, while clown killies are listed a bit higher, at 75-79. I'm sticking to my guns with the skepticism, though.

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sorry i read the first paragraph of that post and somehow skipped the second one. thats good to know though. my lfs never has killies in at all but they would be fun to keep sometime.

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Originally Posted by iamntbatman
One more thing: I don't own the specific fixture you have there, but I do have some Coralife T5 Aqualights and have been really impressed with them. Really solid fixtures, if you ask me.
The company used to be great, until they were bought out. The older fixtures are awesome. They've just let their quality slip.

Keep in mind, after writing this review I did buy another fixture of theirs, which is working fine so far (day two of actually being plugged in). I work at my LFS so I got 20% off and the return policy for me is rather, erm, flexible. However, for most people the Current USA fixtures are of comparable price, come with a built in LED moonlight, cooling fans in the larger fixtures, included mounting legs and are of much higher quality. Seems like a no brainer to me.
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