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converting tropical to goldies

Hello I'm needing some in site. Currently my 55 gallon tan is holding only a few fish. For some reason Ive had such a horrible time keeping my fish alive. I've tested water weekly, everything has always read normal. I've tried product after product think in pH is high or something along those lines...but have seen no results. Soooo I've decided maybe im just not meant for tropicals, so goldfish it is. What are some suggestions to get my tank goldfish safe? I'll be finding new homes for the fish currently in my tank, except I'd like to keep JoJo my common pleco cause he has toughed it out this whole time and I've grown attached to him...any in site on getting him used to goldfish water perimeters? Thanks!

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what is your ph?gh/kh? i am sorry to say that goldfish are actually harder to keep than most tropicals. plecos are not recommended to keep with goldfish. there have been numerous accounts of plecos attaching themselves to the sides of goldfish. they do this to comsume the slime coat.

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When you say 'normal', what numbers were you getting? What were you using to test?

What fish are currently in your tank?

Was the tank cycled before you added fish, and how long has it been running?

I'm a bit concerned when you say 'product after product', as most chemicals marketed in stores really aren't helpful to most tanks, and in fact can be damaging and make issue worse.

As to the pleco...I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a common pleco will easily outgrow a 55 gallon tank, and they have an extreme bioload. Their bioload is part of the reason many experienced goldfish keepers won't keep them with their goldies, as goldies already produce a lot of waste, and a pleco just compounds that issue.

I'd really like to work out the issues you're having currently with you, before we move on to discussing goldfish, just to ensure a safe environment.
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Nitrite and nitrates are at 0...pH at round 7...water hardness is soft...ammonia is 0...I use both dip sticks and liquid tests. I do weekly water changes. When my pleco gets to large for the tank, I will give him to a more suitable home. I plan on getting only 3-4 goldfish

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how big is your pleco now?

how large are your water changes when you do them?

what are you using for filtration?

if you could answer these questions, as well as the ones that jentralala asked you,we can help you better.

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The tank is about a year old. Let it fully cycle before I added anything to it. Only has a couple guppies in it right now. My pleco is about 6" right now. I do about 30% water change each week. And have a 60 gallon hang on filter.

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you will need an equipment upgrade. 10x filtration for goldfish. i would look at a canister filter. sunsun has some reasonably priced ones.they are quite good,and used by many forum members. you will also need to do larger water changes. 80% once weekly.i would only get two goldfish for now because of the plecos bioload.and like jen and i mentioned,they are not good to keep with goldies.

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