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I think I've really messed up. just taken readings nitrates down 5-7, nitrites 0, ph 7.4 but ammonia looks like it's up a little bit 0-0.25 doesn't seem much but it's obviously distressing the fish as they're not moving much and hiding. Can't get anything now cos it's mid-night here so all I can hope is they make it through the night and I'll see what I can get tomorrow morning to help, any suggestions? The shop definately shouldn't have told me the tank was ready for fish I'm very annoyed. I've looked at most places that sell tropical fish in area and thought I'd found the best place cos the tanks looked clean and well looked after with a wide selection of fish and they offered free water tests, since I don't know about cycling I thought best use their knowledge and get them to tell me when the water was ready. Shame I didn't join this site til after I got fish.
Be very greatful if you can advise me what to get that'll help.
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Sounds like you're using strip tests instead of liquid tests? They can be very inaccurate which is why you're getting the strange readings.

The fish shouldn't be that stressed if the ammonia is under .25ppm, especially if you only have the 3 tiger barbs. If the ammonia goes up to .25 you should do a 25% water change. If that low ammonia problem is the only problem, don't worry, they'll make it thru the night.
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Hi too late changing water now. I am using liquid test and the ammonia isn't very high the test water is just very very slightly green instead of yellow. I really can't understand whats up with fish but i'm guessing a water change wont do any harm? So it's worth trying, I'll sleep better tonight if I do something. I've got cherry barbs, not tiger barbs and I've read that they're ok with gouramis, is this right? Let you know how things are tomorrow, thanks for advice
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Water change shouldn't do any harm, but it does remove some of the good bacteria. In an established tank it's totally fine, but in a new tank overly often water changes can slow down the cycle and cause more harm than good, that's the only reason I recommended waiting.
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Don"t believe there is much in the way of beneficial bacteria in the water but I would not vaccum the bottom or clean or change filter as this is where most of the bacteria is found.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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The fish moving a bit more this morning. I got some more cycle treated the water. The effect on the fish was really quick they're back to chasing eachother, exploring all areas of the tank and swimming in the bubbles :D I'll keep a check on water levels. It wasn't my intention to cycle the tank with fish, it was horrible seeing them so miserable, hopefully it wont take long for the tank to be fully cycled. Thanks for all your help.
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The fish were moving around a little more this morning. I got some cycling and treated water. The effect on the fish was very quick, they're chasing eachother agin, exploring all areas of tank and swimming in bubbles. :D It wasn't my intention to cycle tank with fish in it was horrible seeing them so miserable. hope it doesn't take 2 long for tank to be right for them. I'll keep a check on water levels. I've no idea now when to even think about getting next fish? How do you know when the tank is ready? Plus i think maybe I've been putting 2 much food in. thanks for your help
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LFS are not to be trusted all the time to check your water parameters.
What is an LFS?
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Originally Posted by alan
What is an LFS?
Local fish store.

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It sounds like you are watching your chemistry close enough Wendex. Just keep doing the partial water changes whenever things are out of whack. I don't know what cycle is made of but after I googled it, it sounds like one of the nostrum bacterial stuff they sell because people will pay for it. As far as I know the only bacterial supplement in the US that is worth anything is the bio-spira and it can be very hard to find. (They do sell cycle here but its not well thought of) The rest are considered a waste of money by most people. All you really should be adding besides food is a dechlorinator for the new water.
As long as you keep close tabs on the chemistry you will do fine and your fish will be OK too.
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