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I definitely recommend you get more than 2 cories. They really do better in groups of 6 or more. You said your tank is 63 liters? What are the dimensions of the footprint of the tank? That'll help determine how many cories would be good for you since they spend a good deal of their time at the bottom. You could easily get away with 6 or so pygmy cories in a tank that size and would probably be alright with 5 or 6 regular-sized cories, depending on the footprint of your tank.
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My tank bottom is only 60cm by 30cm quite small really. I've done some research into bottom fish and I liked corys cos they are active during day.
Just worried about over stocking tank. I was planning to get either 2 dwarf gourami (hope spelling's right) or a small group of tetras to go with the cherry barbs and cory cats, so if I did get 5/6 corys would I still be able to get either the tetras or dwarfs? I'm guessing it might be 2 many fish for tank. If so What about the kuhlii loach they alright in pairs? I know they hide lots but I want to get as much variety as poss. in my tank.
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Kuhlis also do better in groups of at least three, but are usually more active at night than during the day and can spend a lot of their time hiding. They also need a softer substrate such as sand because they like to burrow.

A 63l tank is about 17 gallons, so I would think you could get away with your small group of barbs, 5-6 small cories, as well as a pair of honey gouramis or a group of tetras or rasboras.
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That's cool, rather stick with cories. This may be a stupid question I've seen different types of cories all about the same size, would it be possible to get different types or do they have to be all the same type to group together happily?
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I've heard that people have had sort of mixed success trying to get different types of cories to school together. IF you want a guarantee, you're better off getting all of one type.
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yeah I figured it was probably best to choose one type, just gotta wait now, let u know what I get when the tank's ready.
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Changed water since last post and readings still 0 for am. and nitrite, ph about same and nitrates 10 now. Think tank is ok now, I'm going to take reading again on Thursday and if am. and nitrites still 0 I might get next fish, probs cories or gouramis. It would seem the tank has cycled quickly? When I go to shop I'll be able to tell you what I used apart from Nutrafin water conditioner Aqua plus and Nutrafin Cycle, All I can remember is that the shop told me it would put good bacteria into the water. The only other thing I did was put food in aswell b4 putting fish in. I've got some bog wood in tank and it's starting to get a light covering of what looks like tiny bits of white cotton wool, what is it? :D
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Your taking the readings before the water change, right?

Sounds like the bogwood might have a little fungus or mold growing on it. I would take it out and scrub and boil it.

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Yes taking the readings b4 water changes, just changed water tonight after readings and I'll take more readings tomorrow night if all ok prob. wont change water again b4 getting more fish fish on Thurs.

Boil bogwood in pan of water right will do, need BIG pan didn't think it looked like algae but i wouldn't know.

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Ahh, definitely DON'T add honey gourami to a tank with 3 tiger barbs. I've got honey's and they're great fish, but they need calm tankmates that won't nip them. They have two little tentacles they use to taste with and the nippy tiger barbs will surely bite them right off. If you add more tiger barbs it will help a bit with the aggression, but I still wouldn't add gourami. In fact, if you don't add more tiger barbs they will probably pick on each other a good deal and you run the risk of the biggest stressing the smallest one to death. Adding more tiger barbs is probably the next thing you want to do with your tank.

What sort of substrate do you have? If you have rough gravel the cories won't be very happy. It wears down their barbs that they use to find food with. This matters more than most people realize, when I moved my cories from gravel to sand, I was incredibly impressed with how much more active they were, and how much weight they gained. Dwarf cories are your best bet, as you can fit more of them. There are several species, although you may have to look around to find them. My LFS regularly caries at least one type.

Speaking of fish stores, it sounds like the one you are going to is not very good. It makes me worry about the health of the fish in the store. If they don't know how to do something as basic as cycle a tank, what's to say they can tell the difference between a sick fish and a healthy one? I'd recommend looking around for a local aquarium society, most of them have a forum where you can get a recommendation for a reputable fish store.

I'd *really* recommend waiting a little bit longer until adding fish. I know it's hard to wait, but it will be so worth the stress of water problems. When you do add them and this is really IMPORTANT, you need to know that adding more fish can cause your tank to cycle again. The bacteria will be able to keep up with 1 or 2 more fish being added, but if you add all the fish you want at the same time, you'll have the same problem of too much fish waste and not enough ammonia eating bacteria.
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