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Concerned about moving tank

Hi everyone,

I'm in the process right now of moving into my new apt. It is only a 2 min. drive from where I currently live now. However, I have a 10 gallon tank that is cycled with 3 platys, and I'm going to need to move the tank into the new apt. I was thinking of emptying 50% of the water out so it doesnt splash all over because I'm going to be putting it in the back of the car with my boyfriend holding it still for me. I just want to know if the fish are going to be really stressed if theres a lot of movement (waves) in the water since I will be driving. Also, the filter won't be running for about 20 min., is that alright? Any different suggestions? Do you think changing half of the water will have a big impact on the water parameters since it is already cycled?
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personally i use this method with any size tank,
i suggest getting two 5 gallon buckets from home depot with matching lids. PRE-RINSE THEM with water. fill one bucket about 1/4 of the way with tank water and use this to put your 3 fish in. fill the other bucket about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way and use this to scoop your gravel, decorations, and filter media into. secure the lids and then transport.
the two seperate buckets will help keep the fish safe in one and the filter media in the other from swishing around and hurting any fish. the idea is to keep the filter media and gravel wet with tank water to keep your good bacteria alive.
i suggest after removing livestock, gravel and filter media to drain the remaining tank water and removing any other larger rocks/decorations and carrying the tank EMPTY. granted a 10 gallon tank half full is prob. about 40lbs, which isnt much to carry but the extra weight may do harm to the silicon seal around the edge as there is extra stress on it.
hope that helps some.
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I would bag the fish and filter media, then drain the tank and toss everything else in buckets. When you setup make sure to acclimate the fish to the new water.

In less then a month I have to move 4-5 tanks to my apartment... I don't even want to know how many fish are in them =/

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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I have moved big tanks several times from house to house. I also use the bucket method. You should always have one or two buckets that are exclusive use for your tank anyway. ( I use red so everyone in the house knows NOT to use the red ones of cleaning. lol under penalty of death.)
The big tanks you have to empty to move them so it has just become a habit. I close the tubes on the Eheim filter and carry them undisturbed. Great opportunity to give your gravel a good rinse too!!
One day is always devoted to fish moving. We always try to overlap our moving/bridge for about 3 days to move. One for belongings, one for fish, one for cleaning the old house for the new owners.

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