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Smile Compatibility and stocking

Hi everyone.

Starting to think about what fish I can keep in my new tank when it has finally finished cycling.

My tank is 64l (approx 14 UK gallons, 17 US gallons) running an Interpet CF2 filter.

I don't want to overstock but all the fish I like seem to prefer living in groups so trying to balance everything out. My LFS has assigned a points tally to all of the fish it stocks to help stop people overstocking. Based on their points I have come up with this list (my tank can take 32 points worth of fish apparently). Just wanted to run it through here in case there is something I have missed (quite likely)

1 male betta (3 points)
8 neon tetras (1 point each)
6 rummynose tetras (2 points each)
8 endler guppies (1 point each)
Cherry Red Shrimp (0 points each)

I make that 31 out of 32 points.

Don't worry I won't be adding them all at once.

Thoughts anyone?

PS. I know that the betta may eat any baby shrimp but I am not setting up as a breeder so if it happens, it happens.
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I've never heard of their points system but it appears to be a reasonable guideline, at least in this case.

I'm more interested in the dimensions of the tank than the actual number of gallons held. The shape of the tank is a key component to choosing proper stock. Assuming your tank is long, I don't see anything wrong. However, if your tank were taller than it was long, that would drastically change things.

Guppies and the Betta may not work out - I think I would skip on them and pick up some bottom dwelling fish instead.

125 - BGK, chanchito cichlid, pictus cats, silver dollars, palmas bichir
125 - cichlids (severums, bolivian rams, chocolate), rainbows ( turquoise, red), loaches (angelicus, zebra, kuhli and horseface), plecos (BN, RL and clown), denison barbs, tiretrack eel, pearl gouramis, betta
90 - Congo tetras, african knife, upside down cats, spotted ctenopoma, kribensis, delhezzi bichir
2.5 - betta
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