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Compatibility and overstocking in a tank

This is a discussion on Compatibility and overstocking in a tank within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by charlie1881 Hey Guys , I was curious about the leaf fish . The ''lfs'' here has some but they look like ...

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Compatibility and overstocking in a tank
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Originally Posted by charlie1881 View Post
Hey Guys ,
I was curious about the leaf fish . The ''lfs'' here has some but they look like the ''bush'' fish in the pics on our profile , guess thats what byron was meanin bout needin the scientific name for huh . Do you have a pic or diffrent name for the leaf fish ? The store told us he was very very aggresive when we asked about him , my wife thought it was way cool and wanted one for our community tank but didnt get him after the associate said he would kill everything in our tank . But now after research I think the clerk was ..lets say confused ... to be nice but atleast he didnt just say yeah hes great get 5 like most do .
And the butterfly is awsome !! very cool . It says they cant handle small fish as tank mates or top dwellin fish I think that would rule him out with my guppys or would it? I know he'd eat the fry but he looked small would a guppy be big enough to be okay with him ? just asking hes so cool .
There are several common names for Ctenopoma acutirostre which is probably the most commonly-seen species in this group of fish. Leaf fish and bush fish are two common names. Our member jeaninel has this fish, and contributed to the profile. These fish have very specific requirements, as it notes in the profile.

As for the Pantadon buchholzi, I had this fish many years ago, and no, you cannot have any small fish or those that approach the surface; this is an avid predator. In a biotope-type tank some substrate fish are OK. I had my pair on their own in a 15g (2-foot length) and they lived for years.

Buying any fish in a store that you have not thoroughly researcxhed is a real risk; more times than I care to remember I have had to take fish back, or in some cases destroy them when no other option was available, just because they did not fit in.

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they do look alike a lot but the difference is that leaf fish a lot thinner and when bush fish age they grow larger around.

Leaf fish won't attack any fish that is bigger than it's mouth. Even though the leaf fish is quite thin and isn't very it's mouth is actually very big. So anything that is under 2.5 inches probably can't live with it and anything like eels that is skinny it will try to eat too.
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