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Except, you will never get the same stunning green colouration without the Co2. A pressurized system really is worth it in the long run...

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You could also do a DIY system.
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I've already worked out the costs for DIY Co2... And DIY is only worth it if your tank is a 2 foot(standard) or less. In the long run, with a tank the size of yours Karl, in less than a year, DIY Co2 will end up costing you more than a pressurized Co2 system. That is alot of yeast bags per week my friend...
And also, buying 7 of those things u mentioned above, first of all, they don't effectively produce Co2, and second, a pressurized Co2 system would cost less than 7 of those...
My opinion, if you are only going to lightly plant it, don't put Co2 in at all, the fish will provide enough waste for a couple of plants to survive, but once again, you will not get the luscious green received with Co2

Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
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yeah if your lightly planting, just use flourish as your carbon source. diy sucks if you have a big tank. it is more expensive. i did it for about 1.5 years and its not only more expensive in the long run, its also time consuming and not very accurate. sure my plants grew but i didn't have high demanding plants that need high light, i ran moderate light and was limited in the plants i could have. all in all, pressure is a better way. i spent like under 200 on my recently purchased co2 pressurized sys and all i have to do every 6 or so months and pay 15-20 for a refill tank.
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The kit thing at 54.99 is very expensive. You can buy the same thing on line for about $20. Better yet you can do the same thing in DIY for the price of an empty 2 liter bottle, some air line tubing and an air stone. The sugar and yeast are needed whether you use the kit or make a DIY.
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