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Clueless African Clawed Frog Owner...

I have "been gifted" with an african clawed is like 3-6 months old...I'm told it will get bigger and live a long time!

On that...I need suggestions on aquariums...I am open to a large tank, hoping that I can have some fish in there goal is low maintenance and a fun tank with more than a frog...I could handle probably a 60-72 X 18 X 34 which appears to be up to a 150 gallon...


Is a salt water environment out of the question for the frog?
I understand I must have large fish in the tank so they don't get eaten, can you suggest a few and how many I can have?
I really am clueless on this all, what will pricing look like for all this? Ballpark.
I live in a condo on the fourth floor...should I be concerned about the weight of the tank? I have washers, dryers, oven, I would think weight will not be an issue but am wondering.
I'm seeing that the frog's webbed footing and it's propensity to be at the bottom require appropriate environment...I am looking for clean, simple and nice looking...want real plants if possible. Suggestions?

Thanks! I'll have more, but this is it for now. I just joined this forum to hopefully get a clue!

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I'm not sure of all your answers but I do know they are strictly aquatic and will not do well in salt water. I've also been warded off of them because they are not good with any tank mates. Hopefully, someone else will know better.

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Saltwater will quickly kill most all amphibians. And I would not put such a large tank on the 4th floor, water weighs 8 lbs a gallon. So you are looking at 2/3 of a ton in weight. You are also looking at a very expensive tank IMO if you plan to go 150gal with plants, possibly a grand to get that tank up and running without plants or stock. I would guess easily a few hundred if not more to plant and stock that tank, depending on how you plant and stock. It is hard to "ballpark" it can be as expensive as you want it to be, or you can buy everything 2nd hand.

On the other hand your frog does not actually need a large tank. I believe a 10 or 15gal standard is plently of room for one ACF on its own.

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I have 2 ACF in a 20 gallon long tank. They've been in there for 8 years!

There are pond stones on the bottom large enough that they can't swallow them. They hate the tank light so I leave it off. The filter is off too because they slam into the lid when the tank is filled deep enough for the filter. (I'm considering under gravel filtration but don't have time or money at the moment.)

In my experience they kill and eat all tank mates, even ones larger than their size!

They also rip out any plants and destroy them! I have fake plants in there and the plants stay floating around the tank. Every time I anchor them, they tear them back out.

Basically ACF operate under the "kill and destroy" lifestyle, haha. They need a few good hiding places and that's about it.

On the other hand they are extremely hardy and seem to survive anything, including horrific water conditions, being eaten by my cat for an hour, being lost outside of the tank for 2 weeks, and forgetting to feed them for awhile.

I got mine in college not knowing what they were exactly and they just never die no matter how badly I cared for them!

We love watching ours swim and play. My 3 year old especially enjoys them.

Mine eat a diet of random bugs we find, reptile sticks, freeze dried blood worms, sinking shrimp pellets, and sometimes a bit of fish food.
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Have you had a chance to do some internet searches for ACF care sheets? It'll definitely be helpful.
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