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Cloudy Water

So according to the LFS I frequent my 35 gal. tank has been cycled, I did a 25% water change yesterday and the cloudyness went away for a little bit. I don't know the water parameters because I don't have a test kit yet but they told me it was good, yesterday. It's not extremely cloudy but there is a faint milkiness to it. Will this go away or do I need to do something to it? Also I have four 2in goldfish in there right now that the store had me use to cycle the tank. I will be taking them out this weekend when I get the fish I actually want to put in there. Any thoughts are appreciated. Attached picture for reference.

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If it were me I would do another water change
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Are you using treated tap? If the water was never clear from the start, I wouldn't keep changing the water unless you are having an issue with nitrites/nitrates or ammonia. The cycle just has to finish without all the added tweaking. Often times that what's slows things down, we can't help but mess with it. You need to cycle it and add more bio media. Simple things would be to add some pre filter sponge to the intakes of the filters. Fill up the media space in the filters with additional sponge and get rid of the cartridges it came with. Bio ceramics are alright but the sponge should be able to get your tank cycled and they should be cheap. I think I use 20-25 PPI coarse polyeurathane sponge. You can then think about what other media you want after you get the tank settled. You can also add bagged carbon or purigen to help clear up and polish the water. I know that really helped me when I first started.
If algae becomes an issue, don't hesitate to get a uv filter. That will make your life a lot easier and ease the stress. Remember to have fun! It isn't worth it if ain't fun.
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Sorry- thought I read you were having issues cycling it. Misread it. ??
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If the cloudiness is due to a bacterial bloom, then water changes will not help. Water changes only help with water clarity when it's due to particulates.

It'll go away on its own.

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I'm going to try adding some pre filter sponges I think for added beneficial bacteria space, and a small bag of carbon maybe to the reservoir. I just don't want to do to much at once because then I won't know what helped.

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