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Cloudy water

This is a discussion on Cloudy water within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> I have had my 36 gal tank for about 2 months now. The water has always been cloudy since I added the fish. I ...

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Question Cloudy water

I have had my 36 gal tank for about 2 months now. The water has always been cloudy since I added the fish. I have had very high nitrite levels until the past 2 days, now I have nitrates also but they have never been very high probably because of almost daily 20% water changes. Now that my nitrite levels have dropped way down my water is still cloudy. It almost has a snowglobe look ,but with much smaller particles. Is this excess bacteria in the water? Will it go away on its own? I want clear water to enjoy my tank. I am running a fluval 305 with zeocarb, phos-zorb, ceramic cylinders, and water polishing pads; so I wouldn't think filtration would be a problem.
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A simple organic solution is freshwater clams... I got somefor my 55 to handle the same problem, after a week no change, then today it is almost crystal clear... Now I need to find a way to grow more algae or get it cloudy or my clams will starve. Ironic right? But if you want to turn your problem into a desired effect get some clams, no more than three and after a week you will be TRYING to keep your water from becoming crystal clear.
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How many and what species of fish do you have in 36 gal? Ammonia, nitrites,should be zrero.Nitrates are best kept below twenty. Usually high nitrites are a result of overfeeding ,overstocking or both. Also carbon must be replaced abot every three weeks as it begins to lose some of its effectiveness and it can then release pollutants back into the aquarium. What test kit are you using to measure your water parameters? Polishing pads will also need to be cleaned by swishing them around in old aquarium water that you take out and then stick em back in or replace them. Try running some tapwater if that is what you are using into a glass container and see if it is as cloudy as your tanks water after twenty four hours. Try the above while cutting down on food. Assuming(always a bad thing) that you are not overstocked you should see an improvement . OH! It is also very important to vaccum the gravel of the tank a small area at each water change, a different area each time to help get any uneaten food off the bottom that WILL cause high ammonia and nitrites.

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