cloudy/sandy water
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cloudy/sandy water

This is a discussion on cloudy/sandy water within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> just so its known im pretty new to the fish keeping world and i have a lot to learn... anyway i have recently decided ...

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cloudy/sandy water

just so its known im pretty new to the fish keeping world and i have a lot to learn... anyway i have recently decided that i want to change from a gravel bottom to a sand floor in my 120 gal tank. so naturally i pulled all the fish out and put them in a holding tank. i drained all the water etc etc... put the sand in and filled it back up with water. i added all the necessary chemicals to the water and i have the filters running and the water looks so cloudy that you cant see 1 inch into the tank. it looks cloudy/sandy like there is sand swirling around in the tank. i figured that would be natural until the sand settled and then the water would start to clear up... but thats not happening... i did this switch about 8 hours ago and it doesnt look like its getting any better at all. is the filter the problem? is it not giving the sand the ability to settle? should i just let the water sit with no filtration so the sand settles or is there something else going on? please help! thanks
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I think you can expect it to take a lot longer than 8 hours for anew tank to settle, esp with sand. I've only used sand in a small tank, so no experience on large ones, but even with gravel I usually have 2-3 days at best, sometimes longer. All the bacteria has to become established and settled to get the biological system in order.

One caution, be careful there is no sand getting into the filter; this can break the impeller and obviously clog the media (pads).
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