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Originally Posted by jaysee View Post
All the technical jargon is great, but it can make people forget how easy it is to keep an aquarium.
I agree with this. UV seems a bit overkill for from what I can see is the setup of a 5 gallon tank. You'll find just as much disagreement among the experts in this field as you will among hobbyists if you look long enough. You can overthink it to death, or just have some non-expert send you some mature media for the price of postage & save your money for something of more use than UV. If the expert advice you're reading didn't mention cloning your reading the wrong stuff, I set up 5's this way without a thought. No muss no fuss, no testing, no blooms, none of that. 5 gallon fry tanks are the smallest I run, cake job setting them up, cycled tank is 5 minutes away. No reason yours shouldn't be either, crack open a box, rip open a bag, toss the media in your filter & it's a done deal.

UV does have its place, usually in an aquarium with more sensitive species especially if you're working on breeding. Some commercial hatcheries will use them, as will wholesalers who get in fish from numerous & often somewhat unknown locations as far as disease control is concerned. For a startup 5 gallon & getting your toes wet in aquatics it's like putting a hood scoop on your stock Honda Civic; fun stuff but doesn't make it run any different.
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Yeah. People are people. Some are desperate for answers, some are desperate to give answers.

But I am a bit compulsive and obsessive about anything I take on. Especially about finding answers.

I know something "bloomed". It could have been algae. I am looking for proper low lighting now. I also cut down on time on my lamp timer.

I thought what could have changed since my first fishkeeping in the sixties. Mot obvious now is the WATER supply. More pollution, more and different water supply treatments, and then my favorite culprit now....fertilizers and phosphates in our water supply. This would effect someone with OLD knowledge and experience, not the people familiar with recent water.

I did find some articles about dealing with free algae in an aquarium and how to deal with it. I don't have the types of algea that stick to stuff. Two fixes recommended, among others, are daphia... and UV.

When I put in my UV unit I also put in a "biobag" over my filter inlet. Good thing. It clogged fast and kept whatever was removed out of my main filter media. Now I am working on a new filter maintenance
routine for my Aquaclear 20. I am going to put a Fluval prefilter sponge on the intake, and cover that with the biobag (which is white), that way I can keep an eye on the filter intake by just looking into the tank.

I have been reading up on culturing live daphnia. I do remember the details in my ancient brain about raising brine shrimp, and will try that for live food.

I talk to a friend about the fish, and h says "they are justt fish". I hate that type of phrase. They are living things in my care, and I will do all I can to keep them healthy.
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