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Cleaning the tank

I posted a topic in livebearers subjected babies! I have some fry in my tank and two prego females. I was going to change my rocks when I noticed the fry. I apparentally bought a sunburst prego. So I didnt want to kill them so I didnt clean the tank out. I just realized, am I allowed to clean out the tank? What do I need? So if everyone could help me on this these are my questions. I'm really new at this and not really sure of what to do, if the questions are stupid to you I'm sorry but I rather be safe than sorry. I put a lot of money into my tank. (Its a 10 gallon with 16 fish)

. Can I clean out my tank?

. If so, where do I put the fish?
. Do I just pour out the water?
. When putting in the new rocks do I have to do anything special.
. When can I put my fish back in?
. Am I supposed to take all the water out?(tryihg to put new rocks in)
. Any precautions I need to take?
. no soap right?

Okay, please if possible put together a step to step reply if you can. It would be so much easier. This will be my first time doing this. :D
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If the tank was recently used and hasn't been made in contact with any chemicals, then it should be necessary to clean out the tank, since the fish are already in there.

If the fish in there die all of a sudden, then you should clean out the tank. You need to rinse out the tank, including decor, media, substrate and soak everything in bleach, and rinse them out again several times, until you do not smell chlorine. then fill the tank up again with everything and add dechlorinator and let everything soak up.
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Ok, step by step:
First, if you don't have one, get a gravel vac.
Second use it, I have live bearers and they are seldom ever caught in the syphon. They get caught in the filter much more often.
Third, remove 1/3-1/2 of the water volume using the gravel vac. It is supposed to be self priming meaning that you raise it up and down really fast until the water starts to flow and lower the tube, which should be in a 5 gallon bucket. If it doesn't work then suck on the end of the tube until water starts but try not to get too much of a mouthful.
Next, refill you bucket with the same temperature tap water adding dechlorinator to it as you fill.
Next, if you want to change some gravel, now is the time to do it. If you follow the post from the live bearer forum and cultured the gravel then replace half of it., If not, then only replace 1/3 of it.
Then refill the tank with the water from the 5 gallon bucket.

You don't need to change out the gravel for molly, sword, guppy or any other live bearer I have ever heard of. They are very agile and fast when born and they will run from the gravel vac. If they don't and get sucked up, simply catch them and put them back in the tank. You shouldn't worry about it anyway with the absolute huge numbers you will have. I have 1-3 that survive from ever batch even though I never remove any of them from the tank. If you want to raise all of them, then get a net breeder and put the prego female in there with some plants in the bottom so the fry can hide. If you plan to raiase large numbers of fry, then a separate 10 gallon is a better choice for the large numbers you will be dealing with.
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f4a- hmmm, the "gravel vac" what does that do? The impression I got with that was that it sucks up gravel yet how will I put gravel back in there with the water still in there. I dont have another 10g tank.
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It will suck up some gravel in the tube but the gravel never leaves the tank, you just raise the tube and the gravel falls back out.
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If you have regular sized gravel, it lifts it up and swirls in the syphon tube, but will eventually fall back down. Not of it will actually get sucked through the hose, unless it happens to pick up a very small piece.
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most gvc's (gravel vacs) have a small opening to prevent gravel suktion

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ohhh, so the gravel vac cleans out the gravel- got it!

I thought it sucked up the gravel! (and kept it!)
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