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Cleaning a piece of driftwood.....

I know that from everything I've read here that you are not suppose to put a piece of driftwood from the ocean into a freshwater tank. Perhaps there is an exception? Walking on the beach this morning I found a really nice piece of driftwood. Not just nice, really nice!

Could I not soak it in something, for weeks & weeks, that would make it safe for use in freshwater??
Somebody, please say yes!

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I did it. I boiled it about 10 times changing the water every time and never had a problem. But these were very small pieces so it might be harder if they are very big.
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I'm boiling a big branch of oak as we speak that I found outside. I would just boil it repeatedly like f4a says. Wood holds on to chemicals pretty well, so I don't think you'd want to use any sort of chemicals (even bleach) to treat it.

While it's true that collecting stuff from the wild might be illegal, some people also believe that things you find in the outdoors might contain a large amount of pollutants or other nasty stuff. Personally, I really don't see a good reason why something *you* found in nature would be any dirtier than something some other guy found somewhere and sold to you in a LFS. Plus, you have the added benefit of *knowing* you didn't get your driftwood out of a cesspool.

Since it's from the ocean, aside from boiling you might just want to keep it soaked in water for a week or two, changing the water out every day. It might have a lot of salt buildup in it that could raise the salinity of your freshwater.
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In addition to boiling the wood, you might also want to soak it in vinegar if you are at all worried about bacteria getting into your tank.
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I have a similar question. I have a piece of diftwood I bought at a FS dropped it in my tank and the color is bleeding into the water. Any way to prevent/fix this?


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Take it out and boil it. Or just wait and it will finally leach out. Tanins, tanic acid, gives off a golden color. I have "blackwater" tanks and they are some of my better looking tanks.
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