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10 gallon. could i have it ready for monday?
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<the sponge filter has been use fore months. ive never had to sterilize it from dieing fish until today so its always been full of bacteria>

Not always. The sponge will not stay seeded if no fish are in quarantined. There must be a fish in quarantine all the time to supply ammonia. But for most that would be impractical. The way I would proceed is:
I would have a seeded sponge ready for use by keeping it in my main tank. Use some main tank water and slow drip it into a bucket to acclimate the fish. Then after about 4 hours, place the water and fish into the quarantine tank. Add more water from the main tank if needed. Place your seeded sponge filter in. Test the water for ammonia and nitrites on the 2nd, 4th and 6th day. Your tests should read zero indicating the sponge is doing a good job. If you quarantine for a longer period then test again in case something goes amiss.
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i dont leave it in there when there arent any fish in quarentine. i move it to one of my other main tanks.
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The only things I can think of now is:
1. The water in quarantine went bad.
2. The fishstore where you purchased the fish had differant water parameters and you did not acclimate long enough.
3. Use carbon in your filter but not when you are medicating.
4. Quarantine tanks should be bare bottom. There is no need for plants, driftwood or ornaments.
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they dont have to be barebottom. i keep a pvc pipe and floating plants in mine. less stressful
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If you need one so soon I would just go to the local supper store and buy a new 10 gallon for around $10.
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So have you set it up or cleaned it yet? How, if you did, clean it?

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Can I bake rocks, pots, and PVC pipe? Maybe boil the filter media?
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The bacteria does not die off so fast - there does not need to be fish in the tank at all times. I routinely leave the quarantine tanks empty for weeks on end. I have even left a filter unplugged on a fishless tank for 5 weeks and did not lose the cycle.

Just because the fish die does not mean the tank is contaminated and needs to be sterilized, especially when there is absolutely no indication of what caused the deaths. I have never sterilized a tank. But some people can't be too careful, and there's nothing wrong with that.

I also disagree about quarantine tanks not needing decor or substrate. Steps should be taken to reduce the level of stress in the fish, which means providing cover for them. As for the substrate, it depends on the fish. 2 of my QTs have substrate, 2 don't. Bottom dwelling fish really do best with a substrate. Doesn't need to be more than a thin layer.

Not using carbon didn't kill the fish either.

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Really I just need advice on sterilizing. The filter is the big thing since 3 goldfish died while using it.
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