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Cleaning Drift Wood

ok... i found a really cool piece of wood on the side of my pond the other day and i wanted to put it in my tank. it is ok to do that right? please let me know if it isnt.

is there a certain way to clean it up and make it "tank safe"? which way works the best?

sorry for all the questions, i just dont want to mess up my tank and hurt my fish. :)
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If you have a pressure washer then that needs to be the first step. Boiling for a very very long time should be the next. Do you know what kind of wood? Some aren't good for the tank.

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ok if you dont have a pressure washer should you just boil it even longer or just not put it in the tank? and im not sure exactly what kind of wood it is.....what kinds are bad?
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Pines and some other conifers leach tars. Not good. They are also a soft wood and deteriorate rather quickly. The harder the wood, generally, the better.

If you don't have a pressure washer, go to the car wash and use plain water. You will still need to bring it home to rinse and remove the residuals from the car wash expedition. Again boiling to disinfect the piece is HIGHLY recommended if not a necessity.
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ok well i am pretty much certain that it isnt pine.

and after i pressure wash it and boil it do i have to scrub it or will it be fine? and how long should it be boiled for?
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Use your best judgement, then double it. I have boiled wood from hours to days. It really depends on how intricate the piece. Rooty type pieces demand more time "in the tank" to make sure all crevices have been cleaned. Boiling not only sterilizes, it removes dirt and "nasties".
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then i will probably boil mine for a while cuz it is a rooty piece with a lot of little crevices.

thanks for the replys!!!! :D you have helped a lot!
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