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choosing fish

sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum but, after reading the choices in the fish section, I thought it might be better posted here...

here are the fish my kids and I are stoked about - also because of the area we live in - which is small towns and no large city center anywhere near us, we are limited in choices...

neon tetras - maybe 6?
red phantom tetras - how many? (suggestions please)
powder blue dwarf gourami 1 or 2?
some type of bottom feeder a cory maybe?
red cherry shrimp -2

does that make for a peaceful community tank? according to what I've read so far, they should be all quite compatible. (?)

Thanks! Our tank is 45 gallon.
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It all looks good to me. You seem like you know how to stalk a tank. Personally I feel that neons look better in schools greater then 10. And I would try to get more cherry shrimp you might be able to get them to breed then which is fun.
I would probably if it was me do 12 neons, 2 dwarf gouramis , 3 or 4 shrimp, maybe 4 phantom tetra, and a cory or algae eater of some sort. But thats just my ideas its all about what you think looks good. Of course I would probably put it in a planted tank XD but I'm glad you got kids interested in fish.

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Take care of the water,
the fish will follow

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Looks like you have a good plan so far. I would do at least 6 of the phantom tetra and 8-10 neons. Dwarf Gourami are very pretty fish but I would just do one male. I have tried multiple and ended up with some aggression problems. Cory Cats are great, very peaceful and fun to watch. Go for at least 5-8.
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