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Bottled water varies, a lot of it is spring water and like the OP found out can actually have significant nitrates and such. The rest is usually filtered tap water that is then bottled. It is rarely RO water. RO generally isn't sold as drinking water since it is completely stripped of minerals, elements, and natural electrolytes. Water does not like to be pure. Life does not survive in pure water, thats why we remineralize or mix RO water with tap water. Some people do drink RO water for better or worse, but it has the tendency of pulling minerals out of your body, especially calcium. I'm sure they sell products to add to RO water to make it 'super healthy' drinking water. RO water in general tastes like crap IMO, water is tasteless and you store it in plastic so then it tastes like plastic. Typically the more 'stuff' in water the better it tastes. My current tap water isn't the best but it tastes okay. My folks well water with almost double TDS and 25ppm nitrates is great water and my plants loved it too.

Lilybelle - look online for a local water report as usually this is public information. Either link the site here or copy and paste whatever info they offer.

Your low GH and high pH make me wonder if your water suppliers are using corrosion prevention methods, since naturally soft water will corrode water pipes long term its not uncommon for them to jack the pH up to prevent this. It would depend if KH is also medium to low. If it is then the abnormal pH isn't as concerning and not that important with the fish.
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Always a wealth of information, you are

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Thank you Mikaila31! Here is the link for the annual water quality report from my water provider. The most recent data is from 2011:

Mustang Special Utility District

I appreciate all of the information and help that you are providing!
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After sitting for 2 days my tap water parameters are: pH-8.8 Ammonia-0 Nitrite-0 Nitrate-0.

I also tested GH & KH with the API Test Kit but I'm not sure how to interpret the results.

KH- It took 20 drops before the test sample changed from blue to yellow.

GH- The test sample was never orange. The 1st drop of the reagent produced a light green color.
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Wow, you water is basically liquid rock if GH is that high. It depends what you are keeping. The pH adjusters are a waste and really don't do anything. Its the high GH that makes the water very hard and gives the high pH. The pH adjuster is basically adding acid to bring the pH down artificially. It doesn't change much of anything from the fishes perspective the water is still very hard.

Doing an RO mix is an option, but with the really hard water you will likely have to replace filters and membranes more regularly then most which isn't terribly cheap.

If your fish are hardy tropicals they should be fine overall. As jaysee said before tho the african cichlids are best suited to this water.

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Now I'm confused... I thought that, based on the test results, my water was very soft. I thought a lower GH indicated very soft water??
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Oops I meant kH in that last post. Both GH and KH are different types of hardness. KH is carbonate hardness and is due to your tap water being sourced from ground water. Likely a lot of limestone down there.

If you live in a fairly rural area,(low smog) you could collect rainwater in a barrel and mix it with some tap water. The rain water will have no KH and will help you soften the water, that may not effect the pH very much tho.

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