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Cant decide between rena or eheim

For some reason i just feel like the eheim is a better filter. The only reason Im thinking rena is because i bought this heater and its rena so Im thinking itll only fit the rena tubes. This heater can be like hooked up to the intake to heat the water as it goes through it. Its doin a fine job of keeping the temp where I set it but I guess the tube sizes cant be too different.

Im using an emporer 400 on the tank right now and its just too noisy so I want a canister.

Opinions or anything on which to get?
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I have a Rena Filstar XP3 on my 75 gallon and am really loving it. Can't help on the Eheim opinion cuz I've never owned one of those.

From what I understand, they're both great filter brands. Good luck.

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I've no knowledge of that heater or how it may "connect" to the filter, so my comments are solely related to the filters themselves. I have both.

Eheim have a proven track record as a very reliable and dependable product. I have two Eheims that have run continuously for more than 12 years with never an issue; one has a built in heating unit which I really like.

Last year (July 2009) I bought a Rena XP3 for my 115g. The only reason I did this was (a) cost, and (b) availability locally of Eheim. Only one store here carries Eheim (I believe Eheim which of course is European [Germany] have a franchise relationship with stores in North America so only certain ones carry their products) and at the time had few in stock so I decided to go with a Rena after I searched product reviews online. It has given me no trouble, but has only been running 16 months and may or may not last like Eheim do. Rena are less expensive, here about 1/2 the cost of a comparable Eheim; but of course long-term if the Rena gives out and I need to purchase another or repair it, the cost savings will evaporate. They are basically the same design so both operate near-identically.

Fluval make a canister very similar, and it is a bit less expensive that the Rena. While many members have Fluval and are happy, the product reviews I read ranked it third below Rena (2) and Eheim (1) so I went with Rena.

The nice thing about Rena is that it comes with the necessary pads. My Eheims did not, I had to buy them separately (that may have changed now, I don't know). Neither Rena nor Eheim come with the other media, it must be bought separately. I do use Fluval filter media, the ceramic disks and the bio material, in my Rena and Eheim; the media is basically the same, and much less expensive that Rena and Eheim media.

Hope this helps a bit.


Byron Hosking, BMus, MA
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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I cannot vouch for eheims, do not have any experience. I have rena filters on each of my four tanks. One nice thing about having these (I would think eheim might be able to achieve the same thing) is that, if necessary, I can switch canisters from one tank to another. The quick release for the tube to release the main filter body fits on all the Rena filter models.
Maybe one of these days I should try an eheim.

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two cents ˘˘
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