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have you decided which route to take? and to clrify what all types of algae do you have and how bad is each species. and just curious how many plants do you have and what was tank size fert and light shedule again?
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I have BBA that is somewhat bad depending on the plant. Some green spot Algae but it is hardly noticeable it only on the bottom part of my glass. my lighting schedule is 7 hours. I was dosing ferts every water change but stopped will do once a month like Byron said. Until the Cyno bacteria is under control. And I am going to stick with Byrons Plan. Due to it almost worked at one point. But something had caused it to come back. And it could of been the ferts So i am going to try and cut the ferts back.
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I had BBA and it was taking over my aquarium one of the things that I found I was doing wrong is not reading the directions of the excel right the whole time I have had my 120 gallon up which is heavily planted at start up and during water changes you are supposed to add 1 cap for every 10 gallons I was doing the maintenance at 1 cap for every 50 gallons there was not enough carbon in my aquarium I lowered my lights and started the proper dose of excel and it all died off turned brown and disappeared I did buy siamese algae eaters buy they didn't keep up, plants that were not growing are now its funny I read the directions several times in the beginning but didn't catch it its all a learning curve plus it also says if you you have a heavily planted tank to use more then the recommended dose as long as you fish are ok with it then it says do not overdose which I thought I did when I first started using it.
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