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Can I cheat on cycling a new tank???

I am getting a 5 gal tank as an isolation tank.... for babies and stuff. I was wondering if I were to fill it with water from my 55 and maybe use some of the filter sponge from that tank.... will I still go through the new tank cycle or will it be Ready to go???

Thanks.... you guys rock!!!
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ok im not an expert but if i have my information correct, the nitrogen cycle happens in the filter. All the nitrifying bacteria and whatever else makes up the cycle all grow on the filter media. So using the filter media from an already established tank should be ok and the tank will not have to cycle again. Im not very sure about using the water from another tank, it shuold be fine either way.
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+1 a filter from a larger established tank will instantly cycle a new smaller tank given its not stocked to quickly, keep 2 going in your main tank so you can quickly move 1 over when you want to set up the smaller tank. Moving water will not do much for the biological filter but will help fish adjust to the new tank as the water parameters will be the same as the tank they came from.
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I keep a guppy in my smaller QT tank all the time to keep it cycled. that way if I need it I plop the guppy into the main tank and plop her back in the smaller one when its empty.
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Thanks all.
This forum rocks.... I am sure there are tons o fish kept happy by the advice given here!!!
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When I was cycling my 6.5 and 4 gallon tank I used a piece of mussle meat in a pantyhose along with some deco and filter media from an already estabilished tank. The cycle took only a week for both the tanks and the parameters are still perfect (not that I'm bragging :p) You don't have to use mussle meat though, you could use fish or a cocktail shrimp

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Its called cloning a tank. You simply setup the tank and add enough mature media to fully cycle the tank. Seeding a tank is when you use mature media to kick start a cycle, but not enough to cycle it completely. A well established tank can have 1/3 of its media removed/replaced and it will be fine as long as no new stock is added for 2 weeks. A properly cloned tank will not show ammonia or nitrite at all from setup. Only difficulty with cloning is doing it properly. You remove up to 1/3 mature media from one tank and add it to a new tank, basically that new tank can support up to 1/3 the current bioload of the mother tank. Of course the issue is every tank is different so guidelines are hard to setup. A fully stocked 55gallon for example could clone a 15gallon for full stocking, but not a 40 gallon. It could still clone it, but you have to estimate fish load and can't go over that 1/3 bioload level from the mother tank. Basically it could be cycled instantly, but not fully stocked. You clone it and stock it properly to start with then its not an issue. Then your back to the wait 2 weeks and increase bioload by 1/3 and repeat until you are fully stocked. If you clone a tank wrong you can cause a mini cycle in the mother tank or the cloned tank.

I have setup a new tank and had it fully stocked within the hour( actually bought tank and fish at same time), often I will add fish and not clone it till a few hours later.

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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