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can fish take on the look of other fish?

hello everyone! i just added some fish to 2 of my tanks over the past few days... specifically:

in my 75 gallon: i have a black ghost knife, an african brown, and 4 rams and added 2 convict cichlids along with a half-dollar size blood parrot(not a red one).

in my 29 gallon: i have 5 different african cichlids, which includes an auratus, a red zebra, a yellow lab, a kenyi, and a solid lavender colored one of which i have no name for...and i added another yellow lab )bought it because it had nice black stripes down its fins and one down its body, while my original one is solid yellow with a tiny speck of black on one fin), and 3 other africans.

I woke up this morning to see that my parrot took on the coloration of a convict last night. grey with nice black stripes down its side, along with a really rose-colored tail! and the new yellow lab in my other tank was much paler and also formed visible vertical stripes along its body that kind of take on the look of my kenyi!

I havent seen any of my other fish do this before! i have seen fish get pale or bold, especially with my africans, but i have never seen them actually change a pattern on themselves overnight like this. this was only about half an hour ago that i woke up and saw this. and as im watching now, the new yellow lab is back to looking how he did up till yesterday, and the parrot's stripes are kind of faded away by now too.

im just curious to know why this happened?

thanks, barb
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Usually when something stresses them they will change like that. Sometimes a male will take on the color of a female when a dominate male is lurking.
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