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Originally Posted by Inga View Post
Not all Petsmarts are alike. The Petsmart here is pretty nice but I would never buy anything at Petco here. Petco... dead fish or dying fish, fish housed in less then clean tanks and jammed together. Very sad. Petsmart seemed to have decent (though not the most knowledgeable) employees working there. I only lost one fish i bought there and I have purchased a lot of fish from them. Also, I got my money back for the dead fish.

Another place that many people I know have purchased fish from and been happy was Dr. Foster's and Smith Live Aquaria. Everything I have purchased from them I have been very happy with. I did have one issue with something that was mailed to me. It was NOT Dr. Foster's and Smiths fault but without question, they replaced everything that was damaged. I have been truly pleased with them and will continue to order from them.
Agree, can't judge all chain stores or employees by one location!
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Originally Posted by aunt kymmie View Post
Yes, the same as for my Petco as far as otos. What I don't understand is why they don't remove the dead fish pronto? It makes no sense, do they think customers really want to see floaters or sinkers??

At my most recent petsmart trip.. ( i have received most of my fish from them) I saw the pleco tank... There was one laying on the bottom and another that was what I thought until i look closer swimming in a circle.... Turns out he was dead and being pushed around by the water current... In another tank with a huge goldfish in it was munching on another pleco... Seems they have trouble keeping the algae eaters alive!

I do see dead fish there however the tanks are usually clean and most of the fish I have lost were from petco... The tanks there were not taken very good care of.

I have a freshwater specialist store the only one in central Florida.. 40 minutes way (on a good day) Their stock is good but their conditions are not the best

Every fish store here in Florida specializes in salt water

So frustrating. My home state of michigan There were plenty of freshwater stores...

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there are only a couple of non chain pet stores in portland so it is hard to make it there sometimes

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