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I am not attempting to cast any doubt on your experts abilities nor on your capabilities. I used the chemi- pure in my discus tank for approx. one month .Even hardy plants such as anubia, and swords began to suffer.I do not use CO2 injection and could not justify the expense with less than favorable results . It may or may not interest you to know that i do believe there is a place in the hobby for chemical media but as you say ..until they produce data sheets with long term testing results with the purchase of their products surely YOU can appreciate a skeptic such as myself. I have also ordered the pura pad you spoke of and will try it in quarantine tank .If it will reduce number of water changes according to nitrate test then you will have sold me !

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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While I can't comment or dispute comments made by a head lab tech since my degree has nothing to do with science, I can speak from experience that whatever Algone does, it does well. I don't use it on constant basis and my tank has never gone awry by stopping it. It works; If I have a breakout of algae or bacterial bloom the water clears up and my water parameters are stable. I will always have some on hand, I will always recommend it, and doubt I'll ever stop using it when it's needed.

The easiest way to tell, and this is just my opinion, if Algone (or any other remedy for that matter) is working on nitrates would just be to get some, add it, and test your parameters while keeping a close eye on how the water looks. I am a bit obsessive when it comes to testing. As soon as I see something I don't like I test, try to fix the problem, give it a few hours and test again, and problems seem to be solved quickly that way. I've never used chemicals other than tap water conditioner and the phosphate lowering floss . At least that's what works for me.


Pardon the pun, but I'm hooked!
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Algone is an option to keep your algae at bay once you get things under control.

Another option is to use Reverse osmosis filtering sytems. Can be expensive to get the utit but would do whay you need if I understand them right.
Just be aware that you may have to add buffering agents back into the water as it removes everything.
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Why not just add bottled water instead of r/o? It still has the good minerals and such, but will most likely be significantly lower in phosphates, nitrates etc.
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Okiemavis: I dunno. I suppose it could be cheaper than buying that special filter and stuff, since bettababy said I would have to change it out every month.

What do you guys think would be my best option?
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Any definite suggestions would be great.

Just try to put yourself in my shoes, and give me the best course of action.

I would do all of them (algone, bottled water, purapad) if I could afford them, but it seems like I can only afford one of them long term.

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I think all of them would probably be effective, so you might as well pick whichever one you feel would be simplest and most cost effective. Personally, I think that bottled water would be best because then you don't need to remove any nitrates, as they wouldn't be there in the first place. However, it's kind of a hassle to buy all that water, so it's your choice.

I wanted to add, I'm 99% positive that the EPA standards for nitrates in tap water is 10ppm, so yours is way out of that range. Nitrates in water are dangerous to babies, young children and pregnant women. I would really call your water company, and if they don't respond, the EPA to file a complaint. While they may be able to say that your test kit is inaccurate, there's no way it's THAT far off.

Here's a link to the EPA page on nitrates in tap water.
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Okiemavis, you're right. I read about that.

I think I will call the water company. But what will the EPA do? Make them clean it up?
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Bettababy: If you have 50 parts per million of nitrates and one gallon of your ten gallon tank evaporates, you do not still have 50 parts per million of nitrates. Your concentration of nitrates will increase as you have less water. Granted you will lose some nitrates during evaporation, you still need to account for increased nitrate concentrations when water has evaporated.
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The EPA better make them clean it up! I mean, that's what they're there for.

Honestly, that nitrate level is just unacceptable. It's not healthy for humans to be drinking it, never mind allowing your fish to swim in it. Complain, call, write, make a fuss, get your friends to complain, write to your local newspaper, call your local representative.

Ok, I may be taking that just a little too far, but I'm bugged when big utilities are allowed to get away with stuff like that.
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