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Brown Algae

I know that this is a dumb question, but what causes brown algae?
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Can you explain it a little better? I am thinking diatoms and these are a normal thing in a new aqurium until the glass and everything in the tank gets a fine film on it that blocks the silicates that feeds the diatoms.
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Ditto F4A:

The tubing in the return lines from my sump to the tank are mostly brown from brown algae.

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the front glass of my tank gets these little brown algae spots on them and i just rub them off lol
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Diatoms for sure. Just keep up with the cleaning and they will go away. Don't scrape the glinside of the glass suface with a sharp instrument or you remove the slime coating that prevents them.
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no i just rub it off with that algea magnet thing or is that bad?
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That is the best thing to use. No scratching the inside that way and it won't remove the film. I use one all the time.
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I dont know if it is true or not but from my experience i have had brown algae in my low lighting tanks, and have noticed it dissapear in tanks where i add more lighting, though naturally it is replaced by different kinds of algae, once the dreaded blue-green algae. Was just curious if anyone else has noticed this.
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Good point. Low light, lack of circulaiton and other factors can cause it to reoccur. Most of the time it is because the slime in certain location of low circulation may lose the slime coating. I put a large plant pot in my tank nce and wound up with massive amounts of diatoms right around it that didn't go away. The BN plecos loved it but it was an eye sore. I always chockoed it up to the planter being ceramic and the paint is silica based so I never considered the shade and possible lack of circulation as added causes.
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