breeding guppy tips?
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breeding guppy tips?

This is a discussion on breeding guppy tips? within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Hi I have a 38 gal tank and no guppies at the moment. I have had some experience with breeding them and keeping the ...

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Old 10-02-2010, 03:55 PM   #1
breeding guppy tips?

Hi I have a 38 gal tank and no guppies at the moment. I have had some experience with breeding them and keeping the fry alive is the problem. I hav 1 ram and 6 neon tetras. I am going to get 1 male hoping to get a fine specimen and 5 females. My local store never lets me down and keeps their fish in tip top shape. I had 2-3 broods big enough to take small nibbles out of flake. Plenty of plastic floating plants and the fish were growing. But they simply seemed to disapear over night. Tips?
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U have a ram and u are asking why the babies are going poof in the night?
Hmmmm, what could it be, what could it be... the ram? being that he is a predator?
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The ram is clearly the issue here.

As Dr. McCoy says in Star Trek of the Tribbles I will say here of the Guppies. "Nearest I can figure, they're born pregnant!"
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So far, I only have 1 baby from my Guppies but things are looking good. He is now about a 1/2 inch long. I think in my case what helped him to not get eaten by the adults is the fact that I have been over feeding the tank and I have a very heavily planted tank with a lot of floating plants as well. There are a lot of hiding spots for Junior. Sadly, I have noted a few snails showing up. Guess the down side of over feeding but I really wanted to give Junior a fighting chance. Mama died after giving birth to him. At least, I was guessing that was the cause. I hear that can be an issue in Guppies.

People insisted that if I saw one baby there had to be others but nope, 3 weeks later, still only 1 Baby Guppy.
Also, the other females that looked pregnant no longer do so... guessing they ate their babies or absorbed them. Who knows. That is fine with me as I didn't want my tank over run with little ones. I do however, want Junior to make it. Especially since mama died giving birth to him. Don't know if Junior is actually a boy yet. Too small to tell. lol
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Keep in mind that mature guppy can also feast on the small babies.
If you are really set on breeding guppy you need a second tank and a ... what is it called in english... breeding trap?... Basicly you place the female in the trap(it's like a small plastic thing that goes into the tank...) and you let her do her thing, thing is done and you remove the female and just take care of the small babies till they grow and there you have it.
You can feed the babies boiled eggs(you need to make a ... paste out of them and just "wash" it in the water but not to much or the water will go bad!) and after they grow a bit you can use hikari tropical micro pellets.
Here is a perfect breeding trap:

Water should be at 76-82F, gestation period is about 30 days(more or less...).
Keep in mind that 1 female can give birth to up to 200 fry! Make sure you have something to do with them before breeding.

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I actually have a breeding trap and did exactly what you said... Plus there are tons of floating plants. I would start to feed them flake and watch them eat it. They hung out in the plants too.
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re-home the and you'll get a 100% live rate =)
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