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Boiling wood.

This is a discussion on Boiling wood. within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by marshallsea I had a piece of wild collected wood in my tank and for months my platys glanced. I chased ghost ...

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Originally Posted by marshallsea View Post
I had a piece of wild collected wood in my tank and for months my platys glanced. I chased ghost problems until I pulled the wood out and did a 50% wc. The next day there was no glancing and the platys behavior changed. The breeding became more efficient. The females became more receptive. Four days later I bought some Mopani (although it sank ), soaked it over night and put it in. 2 days later, when the water darkened, they started glancing and the females went back to being relatively unreceptive. My water comes out of the tap at PH-7.5. Currently the tanks PH is 7.6 but I've done several wc over the last 2 days. So maybe it's not a PH problem. What is happening ?
If the wood came from a tank with fish, it may well contain protozoan (parasites and such). But if it was completely dry, this is highly unlikely, and I would consider other sources for the flashing (glancing).

A pH change from wood is not likely to occur to any great extent. Even in my near-zero GH and KH water, and with several chunks of Malaysian Driftwood in all my tanks, the pH does not lower beyond a couple decimal points, and this is more likely due to the organics anyway. Tannin release from wood may be strong initially, but this lessens significantly as the wood ages.

To try and pinpoint the issue here, we will need more data.

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Even if you boil, soak for a long time you will still get a certain ammount of tannin's or staining to the water
In our shop we keep all decorative wood in a wet state, placing it in sumerged in buckets of water each night when the shop closes, but we still get complaints,,Grrr!!
Put a carbon pack in your filter for the first 2 or 3 weeks after putting in the decorative wood, it is an effective filter for any tannins, staining or traces of chemicals the wood may have.
Remember many trees are sprayed with pesticides which you do not want near your tank, the carbon filter clears most of this.
Hope this helps

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