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Question bogwood advice

i just bought a peice of bogwood from my fish store as i couldnt get any from lakes ect from round my way...iv boiled it for some time and iv got alot of tannings out of it and looks almost done as waters getting clearer..its only a small piece by the way...if i put it in my tank and it lets out tannings which i know may slightly stain my tank could i add some uv sterilizer to make the water clear? replys asap would be appreciated..thanks again!
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A UV sterilizer won't remove tannins, only time and water changes will.
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ok cheers..i know uv sterilizer helps to get your water clear again ect,,thought it would have helped with the tannis...i gently boiled it for a good while and going to leave it soak overnight in water..
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It took about two months for my driftwood to stop leaching tannins. I boiled it for two hours when I first got it then put it in my tank.
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i dont mind it leaching tannins aslong as it fades after water changes and time,,just dont want a tank where i cant see the fish shouldnt be to bad as its only about 10inches long and not to dense,,been boiling it for a while yesterday and today then going to let it dry then add it...should i let it dry before adding it or just put it in the tank once im happy with boiling it?

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Just plop it in the tank when you're done boiling as long as there aren't fish in there as it will be hot. The tannins won't be so bad you can't see your fish I promise.
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steveysquish (04-10-2014)
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tannis are still clear, and in a big enough tank u'll barely notice it
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ok only a small peice anyway,,iv boiled it for aaaaaages...and i got a 36 uk gallon so like you said it shouldnt be to to try it to do it now.
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after boiling.... ( multiple times) start another pot of bouling water.. add wood shut off the heat... let sok over night ...when you install in your tnk, add carbon to your filter and it will take out the last little bit of discoloration..

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added the bogwood succesfully without any tannings being leached,,just boiled it over and over in a pan of plain water (dont add salt) and emptied pan every time the pan was dark with tanningas and repeated until priti clear..very happy!
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