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Blood Parrot and Oscar

hey guys, i recently bought a tiger oscar of about 5 inches to add to my fishtank, in it i currently have a 3-4 inch blood parrot. well against odds, the blood parrot doesnt let any new comers. i alredy abrubtly changed the landscape, gave em food, etc. what should i do for them to stop fighting? i mean, the oscar doesnt even fight anymore..

pls help...
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You can turn you tank into a divided tank as long as they have enough room.

DIY Aquarium Tank Dividers

I used this and have to say it doesnt look all that bad. I found mesh at my craft store in atleast 8 different colors and same with the book report holders.

If this isnt a good option then maybe more hiding spots can do you better. More rocks and plants.

Returning or exchaning one is an option

Setting up another tank and splitting the two up is another.

Not the best of options but sadly theres no way to tell your fish it needs a timeout and to play nice. My tank is full of cichlids and I rarely find another fighting.
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Yeah i know, i gave him back, the shop gave me a sick oscar anyways, w fin rot, splitted fins, i noticed it in the morning. Sadly i coulndt see it before buying it, but i was especially watchfull for that and they putted a background color that makes it hard to see this things. Never buying any fish from there.

As for my blood parrot, i was considering giving it away, but it has been w me for alot of time, so i bought a new small 10 gallon fishtank for my sister (1st time and she was excited.) setted it up, putted and extra running filter i had w bacteria and gave her my Pleco till things stabilize, then ill give her my blood parrot.

Now im thinking, since i have an empty fish tank, fixing the temp for Discus (watet hardness lowered because i added driftwood a few days back.. So that will keep it soft.

Thanks for all the advices thou!
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A 10 gallon is way to small for a blood parrot.

Kindest Regards,

Keeping fish its not a hobby it is a passion!

I have a 55 gallon, 40 gallon, 29 gallon, 20 gallon tank, 5 gallon , and a 2.5 gallon all with real plants.
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Parrot & Fighting Oscar

I am sure there are no rules, but I am in this hobby now for about 6 months. I have a 30 Gallon tank and had a parrot (about 5cm long) in there for about three months, with some other fish. Two days ago i put in an Oscar (also about 5cm long). Goodness, I have never seen the Parrot so aggresive! Luckily I have some rocks and my oscar went into hiding, but, the moment he pops out his head the parrot attack. I then took a spare 3 gallon tank and put it into the 30 gallon tank and have put the original small black lid ontop of the small tank (sucked out the air) and put the parrot in there for 24 hours. I did feed him, but the Oscar became more confident and sort of "getting to know " his environment better. The Parrot went bezerk, as if he wishes for the Oscar to swim into the small tank (hole on top, but too small for parrot to get out). Lo and behold yesterday morning at about 08:00 am, oscar accidently swam into the small tank. WW3 started. I had to rescue him after about 10 minutes of brutal attacking. But, strangely, that afternoon i took the small tank out and walla! - best friends! I could not believe it! They almost appear to be "in love" I saw them swimming backwards, gently touching each other with their tails. Now, they both swim around (sometimes even together) as if there were no problem ever. Maybe they decided to "rule" together, until oscar grows up (but will have to upgrade tank then)
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