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This is a discussion on Blackout within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Well.. clearly the maintenance on the tank was down a bit (about 40% wc every 10 days) since I was out of town so ...

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Old 03-17-2010, 07:42 PM   #21
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Well.. clearly the maintenance on the tank was down a bit (about 40% wc every 10 days) since I was out of town so much but whether the BGA survived the blackout or took off again is unclear... the tank was fine for a good full month after the blackout so I'm guessing this is a new instance of it which tells me that there has to be an unbalance in the tank's ecosystem somwhow. I'm hoping that the new "drastic" measures and an added vigilance will kill it for good.

I've also lost 2 fish in the process including my newest oto cat addition which sorta ticked me off...
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As I suggested previously, cyanobacteria is organics-related. Failing to do necessary maintenance (not blaming you, life often impedes what we'd like to do with hobbies) particularly after a bad bout of it is almost guaranteed to bring it back. Light is a part of the equation but not the sole part.

I only see this in my 70g, and I see a tiny strand every week which I remove during the pwc and maintenance. I don't really know why it seems to favour certain tanks and not others, I never get it in my Amazonian aquascapes, only the SE Asian, but I am convinced it occurs from organics. The light blackout can be expected to have an impact since light is necessary for green plants and this stuff, but deal with the biological issues in the tank regularly and it will not be a problem.
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40% every 10 days shouldn't be no issue thou I do a 30% w/c every 2nd week on my 55g and have no issue. Something is out of balance there to make it regrow like it did. Do you by any chance have NO's / Ammonia readings from after the black out vs. now? Cause that could be a issue right there and saying the Oto passed is the more reason to check there cause they're quite sensitive fish on NO's.
Also real carefully evaluate your feeding schedule; maybe go for 2x week no food at all to lessen this some.

The amount fish (co2) is not an issues in itself. This gotta be balanced with your lights which if I recall correctly it was in your case. These 2 then gotta be well balanced with the nutrition for your plants - Which brings the next question how's your plant growth? Here's 2 picture diary's of my tanks where you can see the growth development by dates
That should help you some to see how well or not your plants grow.
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