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A Bitter-Sweet Tale

Hi All,

So, my tale starts with me getting pressurized C02. All was going very well and then I bought an atomizer a couple of days back after not being able to find a decent solution to dissolving Co2. Great piece of kit by the way. So I installed it and realized I had not put the check valve back on so I cut the tubing and poof it went as it De-pressurized. Put the check valve in, turned everything back on but the bps dropped to about 1 bubbles every three seconds no matter how much I opened the needle valve. I thought I must have blown the check valve (if that's even possible) so I took it off as there is one in the bubble counter.

As soon as I took the valve off everything returned to normal...or so I thought. My and my partner noticed yesterday that the flow seemed to be skipping a bubble, either that or the bubble came out so fast that it looked like it was skipping a bubble. That should have been my first clue.

So I left as is and installed another check valve in the tubing just in case. The bubble skip was still there. It must have been a blockage of some sort....

A blockage that removed itself. I came in today to a very strange noise. I went to the tank and there seemed to be a lot of bubbles coming into the tank, then out of the corner of my eye I saw a Tetra floating around. I then looked straight at the bubble counter and then Co2 was screaming out at an enormous rate.

When I was checking the skipping bubble I must have opened it right up to get a decent flow and then blockage must have moved (or whatever it was that was causing it) this afternoon and co2 totally saturated my tank. I have no idea how long it was going like that for as the co2 comes on at 9am and I got in at 6pm but the content of the bottle has not moved.

So I turned it off and noticed that 1 of my white cloud minnow was struggling but still alive so I put both filters on the surface of the water to stir up the water as much as possible and left the room. I came back to find Phoebe still moving around and swimming near the top but with each passing minute she was fighting against the current better and better till finally she was fine.

I lost 11 new Neon Tetra, 2 Bristle-Nose plecs (male and female) 1 SAE and one of two White Cloud Minnows. I was very distraught to say the least. Anyway a few hours later the minnow was swimming around and I saw a flash of orange. I said to Jo..

"What the hell was that", then I saw another and another.

Looking closer we saw baby's. What we thought were minnow baby's because of the colour. Then we saw then flying into the side of the tank and sticking there. We suddenly realised that they were plec baby's and thinking back I remember seeing a week or so before a pile of grit outside the wood keep piling up even though I kept moving it.

Turns out that they had bred and we now have 8 baby Plecs swimming around hungrily munching on the glass. It was a very strange feeling and very odd considering they were not to be seen yesterday, then today the tank gets saturated with Co2, everything dies but then there are 8 plec babys swimming round a few hours after the catastrophe. Why didnt they die? Were they already born and stuck in a little hole that stayed non saturated? Did the mother give early birth because she knew she was in danger? I have no idea, all I know is I was totally amazed. I was elated but still very sad at the same time.

So there's my little tale, which I am sure I will never forget form this day forward. I almost feel humbled by the whole thing.

Kinda makes you think though, there must be a greater power or energy somewhere. I have never believed in that more than I do now.

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You lost both parents? And all the other fish.... and now have baby BNP and no Dad to watch over them? Oh how sad! Humbled by the whole experience is right!!
I really can't even answer any of your questions....no co2 experience... just wanted to tell you I cared.

Every kid, regardless of what they are going through, is ONE caring adult away from being a success story. ~ Josh Shipp, Teen Behavior Expert
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