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Bettas and Cories?

Hey everyone! It has been such a long time since I have been active on this forum, and its good to be back. I had a question, I used to have a devided ten gallon tank, with a male betta on one side, and a female on the other. The female was pretty old, and died a few days ago.(RIP Rocky) Anyway, im looking for a good home for the male betta, so i thought why not put him in with the cories in my 20 gallon long. I would probably keep him in the ten gallon, but i dont have the space for it anymore. So i was basically wondering, would a Male betta would be compatable with about 10 baby cory catfish?

Thanks ahead of time!
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How big are the babies? My bettas have always done great with my cories, but they were 1.5"+.
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Theyre still quite small, maybe 1/2 inch, maybe an inch (Im not good with measuring) I would suspect that it would be fine, but ill make sure to research it a bit before i go through with it. I would think it would be alright because the betta lives with shrimp, and he has never bothered them before.
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I'd think he'd do fine with the cories. Especially if he gets along with shrimp. Just keep an eye on them all at first, but it shouldn't be a problem.
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sk, glad to see you back. Did you escape or did someone pay the ransom? Well, that's a dumb question. You escaped, no one would pay the ransom. lol

To answer your question, I would think the cories would be fine. You may want to provide some hiding places just in case though. Java moss, nooks and crannies.
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hay there nice to see ya. :)
oh yeah i'll just echo all the above.
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Lol thanks guys. Ill try to move him today or tomorrow. Im making a filter for my pond today so that will take some time. Oh and its really nice to be talking to you again.
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