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As far as the catfish goes...He was always in his cave, now he has been staying at the very top of the water. This is not normal for him.
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I think the combo of high temp, salt & meds all at the same time is WAY overkill and VERY stressful on your fish. After 12 days of the heat/salt treatment I was still seeing spots on my clowns and began noticing a general sluggishness of all my fish. I agonized over what to do and decided to do a 50% water change to remove as much salt as possible and slowly lowered the temp back to 82 and treated with meds.
I was ich free after five days. My pictus also developed curling barbels that looked like they were becoming transparent. They did grow back.
If it were me (and it's NOT) I'd do the same thing that I did as it worked for me.
My guy never did leave his cave during all this so it worries me that your cat is floating up top.
I wonder if you should remove the cat to your hospital tank (assuming it's set up) and treat both tanks for ich using only ONE of the methods?? (heat/salt combo OR meds)

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I would also use a different medication. Get one that you put in daily until the ich dissapears. From the sounds of it, the one you have tries to cure it in one dose which will be hit and miss if the meds stay active long enough for the parasite to drop off the fish. I have heard Kordons Rid-Ich+ is good. If you can't find that, you might try API's Super Ick Cure.

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Yes, I agree with MBilyeu. Kordan's Rid-Ich is the exact med I used.
I dosed at 1/2 strength as I keep loaches, otos & cats. I treated for five days (day 3 was when the last visible white spot was seen). I would do a 50% water change now, then no w/c until you're finished with the round of medications.

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Well I planned on doing a 25% today but maybe I'll do 50%.
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Today is a sad day for the empire... Yesterday my spotted catfish died and today I woke up to find one of my glass catfish dead and the other one looks bad. I put that one in the hospital. I don't know what else to do. This really sucks I've been following the treatment to a T. All of my other fish seem to be great. There is only one fish left with a spot on it and its fading. I'm very sad. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Best, Fastest, Most Effective Way To Cure ICH

Basically what ich is :it is an extremely comon parasite that affects aquarium fish. It is highly infectious and potentially lethal and manifests as tiny white spots all over the fish. The spots are no larger than grains of salt. I would personally put in Salt (aquarium freshwater salt) you can buy it at Walmart or any Bigals Store. It works as 1 Teaspoon per 20 litres = which is equivalent to 1 teaspoon per 5.3 gallons (jut take 5 gallons), i have a 55 gallon tank too, and just recently got ich;

- Raise temperature to 84F - 86F
- Add Aquarium Salt - 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons
- Medicate for 10-14 days - With ICH Away (Best) or any other medicine uesd for ICH.
- (OPTIONAL)Reduce medication when treating scaleless fish
- Discontinue carbon filtration during treatment
- Perform water changes between treatments
- Clean water everyday (waterchange) and dig deep in the gravel with the gravel vacuum, after you see what comes will be surprised.

After this your Ich problem should go away in 6-10 days

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